Following Zora

And of all the people in the world to be, she chose to be herself, and more and more herself. That, too, is something.

-Alice  Walker on

Zora  Neale Hurston

I want to be a writer

To retell life as I see it
applying literal imagery to all intricacies
of the cruel world

I want to give light to the lightless
to provide a guide to those who dwell in the dark
my words will prove to be an holy ark.
on boarding those who chose to pick from my
apple tree

I want to provide solace to the soulless
to give the lifeless comfort
a fort home to those attempting to fight the fight
I want to make words dance
to give words swift graceful movement
like daises in the summer breeze

I will be mean.

Telling the tell like it is what it is
only the conscious will read my
words with eye number three

I will write stories
and novels
and poems
and plays
and songs
and essays
and quotes
and notes
that will turn this world upside down!

I am ready to accept the license
my pen rewards me.
I want to set free the subconscious
me that has been living to provide
social commentary to this wicked, wicked
systems of things
I do see.

I will write with my third eye.
I will read with my fourth and fifth
My words will be medicine that the GODS prescribe.