The Gospel : Refreshing Spiritual influences in Hip Hop

Today we witness our God driven spirituality is resurfacing in new sounds we hear in Hip Hop. In essence, a new gospel art is brewing in an effort to help the masses grow in or understand their personal definitions of spirituality. You, too, can be a part of this movement.

Gospel: noun | 1. the absolute truth 2. good news


My white friend comes up to me at work and says, “have you heard Chance the Rapper’s new mixtape?” I’m like: “What? Chance the Rapper has a new mixtape?” I’m listening TONIGHT. We had to take one of our students home. I’m driving, so you know I’m the DJ. Instantly, I go to Apple Music, and we begin listening to Coloring Book. I get to “Blessings” featuring Jay Electonica, and immediately go into chuckles, happiness, peace,  praise and worship. The track holds me accountable to thanking and praising God.  Yet, “Blessings” did not cause me tear up the way the use of an angelic choir and sacred lyrics in “How Great” did. I literally wept. The following weekend was my Mommy’s birthday, so I attend church with her (it makes her happy), and then this happens.

Simon Temple AME Zion | Fayetteville, NC | Pastor Thompson (forgive the footage angle–I’m fun-sized)

Now I’m thinking, has Hip Hop and the gospel rekindled their relationship? Listening to Chance the Rapper and other great hip hop artists of our time subliminally and explicitly spread truth about the creator and/or spirituality gives me great joy. All the kids should be listening about the powers of having a relationship with the creator and tapping deeper into their spiritual selves.

Not to put down traditional Gospel music; we love it! Nothing helps us connect to spirit more than the Praise and Worship ritual that has been a part of our tradition as Africans since the dawn of time. However, this new form of the gospel is different. It does not condemn, it welcomes all backgrounds, it is relatable, it is fun, and it does not require you to feel as though you must dress to the nines in order to visit a church to engage with the creator or tap into your divine spirit. Its lit. On the contrary, Pastor Thompson’s use of the power of a drum beat infused with the truth of God demonstrates his understanding of our past cultural traditions and its current benefits.

Break Down:

Children and young adults in this generation are much more apt to learn about God in a new fun way that identifies with the music they like. Furthermore, we all have a responsibility to spread the messages of God. We all have a special talent given only to popularize the creator’s truth of love, light and joy (Psalm 96:3). Artist such as; Lauren Hill, Erykah Badu, Chance the Rapper, Jay Electronica, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar are  acting in that purpose. The artists that come before us are trailblazing and making the idea of being light, well, trendy and more socially acceptable. We should follow our leaders.


  1. Gospel is: tradition, classic, sacred.
  2. Truth infused art opens the door for a lot more minds to be awakened, lights to be ignited, and vibes to be risen.
  3. You, too, have a divine responsibility to spread the news of spirituality and the goodness of the creator whether that be through painting, counseling, knitting, rapping, coaching, teaching, filming, photographing, singing, landscaping, or basket weaving.

Say: I am light. Tis the time to allow my light to shine.

Pay Homage:

“All my real live saints throw your hands up.” -Kirk Franklin


be light. work your talents.  together we can spark a light pandemic.


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