Beyond a Poet

After the praise
I usually stand in a daze
at how God’s glory has manifested through me
but is God through with me?
Granted, she, helped me get
but only so I could help you,
I mean them,
and the others who have not yet seen
the other side of struggle
but then I often snuggle
with the compliment
not understanding my words were only
supposed to offer refuge
to the misused
yet, I just used it
like a tool to build a fence around my self-image
enjoying credit
for work, I in fact
did not do.
I stand here
full of—–
almost missing my next assignment
all because I fell out of alignment
with the heaven sent
God the Creator
then me (a soldier)
Used only to secure
the win
For him, or her
Whichever tickles your fancy
I shouldn’t be here for fans–see
We were all blessed
to be a blessin’, or
an outspoken lesson
let me not become a pawn
stuck in the head lights of
pride’s ride
but rather a pillar for God’s messages.
I just began a new poetry workshop ¬†with “The Poetry Project” in Greensboro, North Carolina. Today our facilitator and mentor, Josephus III, challenged us to write on the topic “Beyond the Poem.” He challenged us to consider our actions in the moment¬†an audience member pull us to the side after a performance to praise our work. Do we say thank you and keep it moving? Or Do we engage in conversation furthering the person’s understanding of our work and truly seizing the experience? You have just read the poem I wrote during the workshop.