OG (According to Proverbs 31)

I’m the muthafuckin OG
the original Goddess
and master of the sea
I’m the mind molder
peripheral engager
and lion tamer
I turn boys into men
men into kings
kings into Gods
and ruler of the supreme

I’m the muthafuckin time stopper
shape shifter and baby maker
The prototype
and limelight
the outline
and sound wave

I’m Oz
the yellow brick road
the wicked witch of the east
and the fairy god mother

Currently embracing my inner(G)
my energy
and my
Inner (G)

G as in Goddess
G as in Gangsta
G as in Grand dame queen beast
G as in Good God she’s awake!
G as in Got damn you ain’t figured it out yet?

G as in I’m the little g that
represents the Big G
because God always speaks to me

G as in she don’t have to hate
because life is abundant
and her third eye sees past FEAR
she’s too busy giving thanks
and blessings are thunder storming
they come in with a thickness
she witnessed
God moving

She sees clearly what God is doing
She’s proving
with a little hope, faith, and love
all desires manifest
so she (G)iggles at the future that is to come
because while y’all tryna figure out
what she’s talking about
I’m already on the next one

G as in guide
because while the ancestors direct her,
she leads the masses
she even whips mastahs asses
while she informs the wicked to suck her dick
‘cuz ima namaslay
they asses

the bitch lit, on fire, while it rains and wind blows, planted in soil
underneath rainbows
she builds her empire

She’s the muthafuckn ONE,
not the ONE for fun, but
the ONE for the long run

If you ain’t conditioned
get the fuck off the track field
practice jumping hurdles
get your heart rate up
and yield to get ready for the heaven
she brings

She’s such a fuckin lady
with lightening bolts in her purse
tread lightly
or you’ll get caught riding in a hearse
She bad as shit
someone should lock her up
but even in shackles she rebels
‘cuz she’s already been to hell
with no desire to return
she broke out and they still don’t know
she missin’
it be my soft ass that
they kissin’

I’m the muthafuckin OG
currently embracing my inner(G)
Thanks for riding my energy

[Written May 19, 2016]