Visionaries: Breathe and Paint on!

Heeyyyyy y’all… I’m back at it! I have been busy learning new lessons,  overcoming new obstacles, and getting my whole life in order, but I’m here now to share with y’all the lovely things I have learned in this last season. The new season in my life began with one important noun: vision. I tried to do many things at one time, almost crashed, almost burned out. Then, I thought of the painters.

Vision– noun| an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition


At the beginning of this recent season, I found myself in a panic. I distinctly remember feeling overwhelmed by everything I felt I needed to do in order to live my dreams NOW. I am one of those people who have so many goals and many aspirations, and I thought within my first 6 months of moving back to Greensboro that I would be in a position to manifest my entire vision. Boy was I wrong. At the brink of the new season, I found my self over planning and forward thinking myself into a frenzy.I am already a forward thinker, but in this particular space I was trying to create a way to do a million things in one season while neglecting the idea that I, in fact, had nothing but moments and space to create my reality as well as the idea that I need time to sharpen my abilities in order to create beauty. Then it hit me, painters do not create a masterpiece in one brush stroke, so my vision will not be manifested at once. It will take many small strokes to create a beautiful picture. 

Break it down, B:

So, I call my dad this particular evening like: “Okay, I’m not going to quit my job, I’m going to take my time going through school because in the mean time I can continue to grow, get better and mold myself into the woman God has called me to be. I’m going to slow down and handle life as it comes.” My father responds, “I’m so glad you decided to slow down because you had me worried. I didn’t know what you were about to do. Crazy.” (lol) So, yes I am the president of the over-thinking club, I’ll admit, yet in this season, I learned one must take their time painting a vision or else something will be missed a long the way. I was about to relinquish all of the blessing God bestowed upon me to work toward a vision. Working toward vision is fine; however, it is important we pay attention to the tools and opportunities we are awarded especially those designed to help us reach our goals. Let’s not be drastic. Let’s take life as it comes remembering a masterpiece is not created in one big whoosh or over-analyzing. Sometimes–most times–we are exactly were God needs us to be in order to manifest the vision s/he has assigned to us.(Habakuk 2:2-3)

Furthermore, as I reflect back on my life I realize that I am exactly were I’ve been working to be. My students were journalling a few weeks back on the following prompt: “In five years I will be…” One student asked me to respond to the prompt. At that moment I remembered about how I would day dream about being in my twenties, in my own apartment, reliable car, free, cute, fly, and working toward by dreams. Five years later, that is exactly were I am…grown as hell..and doing the damn thing. I was where I was supposed to be then, and is currently. Still striving, still climbing. and so are you.


  1. When we rush to our destinations, we miss out on observing the beauty in the journey.
  2. Overthinking kills.
  3. God is helping us nurture our visions, so work assured.

Pay Homage:

Creation is a sustained period of bliss, even though the subject can still be very sad. Because there’s the triumph of coming through and understanding that you have, and that you did it the way only you could do it.

-Alice Walker

Say: I can create my vision one brush stroke at a time.

Salute: Paint on. Soar on.

be light.  Work your talents. together we  can spark a light pandemic.