Real Talk: Patience is a virtue boss.

Round about a year ago, during my isolation with God it was revealed to me that s/he would be growing my patience and my faith. The creator ain’t never lied because these days I’m noticing I am a lot more patient than I use to be. Mind you..I used to be the most impatient person in the world. Simply put, I used to want what I want, when I want it. However, I am learning that  1. I don’t get everything I want and 2. I won’t get everything I want at the time I want it, and 9 times out of ten it’s for good reason.

patience– noun|the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.


This year for Thanksgiving my mother wanted to be fancy and celebrate at a resort in Myrtle Beach. It was a lovely change of pace, and I was able to write five poems, walk along the beach, and get some time with the creator in a peaceful setting. We had a lovely time. I walked away feeling refocused and re-centered. I need to figure out how to incorporate more time near the water in my life. After all, I am a scorpio, so that water really helped. Nonetheless, the journey getting there was very interesting.  The actual ride there could have been frustrating, but PATIENCE.

We left on time. My mother, sister, and I got all packed and loaded up smoothly. We got in the car and began our journey. We soon arrive at a small town. Hungry, we stopped to get something to eat. Now–my mother and I decided we were on vacation, so we would not deal with work related things the entire time we were on the trip. However, one of my mother’s employees called her, and against my reminder, she took the call anyway. Cool. Life is about choices.  Any who, my sister and I head back into the car, we are now ready to continue toward Myrtle Beach. We start riding, except this time because my mother took a phone call, the GPS goes out. We are in a very small town, so she was not getting enough reception to pick up the GPS signal. Now, we are slightly–stranded. I attempted to use my phone for GPS and Deejay at the same time, but we still had not luck. After a few blind turns, I finally get a signal. My mother begins to get all frustrated now, at the GPS–talmbout: I don’t want to take these roads, I want to take another way. So she veers off course attempting to use her traveling 101 prior knowledge, making wrong turns, and taking unauthorized exits. We are totally lost. Finally, she submits to the GPS directions, and we get on course. It took us an extra hour to reach the resort, but we made it. Praise God–cuz aye we were in the confederate South Carolina.

On the way back, we reminisce and laugh about all the funny things that happened on the trip. My mother brings up the fact she was mad at herself for not following the directions on the way, but looks over to me and says; “You were really patient, I was shocked.” Now, the old me–before God started working on me–would have nagged the entire time we were off course. Frustrated, I would have said, mommy, follow the directions…please follow the directions. In this new space–mind you, I didn’t even realize I was being patient–I just sat back and let her do her thing without a word, chilling, and drawing in my sketch book. It was in that moment, I realized dang, I guess I’m really patient now.

Break it down, B:

When I got back home from the trip I started reflecting on this virtue: patience, again. In some conversation, this idea hit me. We don’t actually see flowers and plants grow and bloom, but when they do, we have art to enjoy. In other words, we don’t always see ourselves becoming better. Even more importantly, we don’t always see God working on our behalf until the work is done. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to pout, become angry, or upset when we don’t see the things we want become unearthed at the moment or the way we want it.(Habakkuk 2:3) Emitting negative energy will not accelerate the process, and we might miss the beauty along the way. Besides, there is always reason why such-in-such hasn’t occurred yet. For instance, maybe God was working on my mother’s submission..idk..its not my business forreal.

I’ll keep it a whole two bands wit’ y’all, sometimes I just want some dick. I’m not going to lie or pacify. Sometimes this patiently waiting for my dreams to unfold,  and keeping my eyes on God and my purpose, and growing spiritually, and waiting for my husband  celibacy life attempts to get real aggravating. Especially when I am ovulating and especially when these mens be so fine and chocolate—milk chocolate, dark chocolate, melted chocolate, chocolate with almonds, chocolate with a nougat center, caramel chocolate, but I digress. Sometimes, I just feel like look God I’m either going to be mad today or you are going to be mad at me. Yet, every time I am tempted to be impatient, I’m hit with a dream, or a real friendly reminder of the importance of my journey as well as the promises that await. Instead of getting ill, I ask for more–more understanding, more wisdom, more strength, more opportunity, more direction. So, hold on. Stay patient. Keep the faith. Whatever you have been waiting patiently for will come. TRUST ME, you are not alone. AND what is on the other side will be sooooooooooo much better than what you have imagined.


  1. Patience is the number one virtue boss.
  2. We don’t settle, so waiting is a requirement.
  3. Somebody said one time that good things come to those who wait.

Say: I am patient.

Pay homage:

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Salute: Don’t take your patience off! It’s one of your best accessories.

be light. Work your talents. Together we can spark a light pandemic.