How to Curve Distractions

Let’s see uhh, boys, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, my cell phone as a whole, television,  the computer, Candy Crush, drama I didn’t have any business thinking about, and anything else I could find to enable  procrastination were just a few things I allowed to distract me from my purpose. Deep down inside, I felt great, and I always knew I should be working on something great; however, I used to allow those creepy lil distraction critters get in the way. Don’t trade places with ain’t worth it.

distraction– noun|a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.


It has been a myriad of things in the past that I allowed to distract me. As a child it began with the television. Like most children, I was hooked. I like to watch my cartoons when I came home from school. In middle school, I was sure to catch the latest episode of “Flavor of Love, get on Bebo, and MySpace. Good times..good times. Deeper into my pre-teen years my distraction was my Nokia cell phone of which the Motorola Razor soon took place.  Later it became the false need and desire for relationships with boys. I would chase dick (singular) like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy did ghosts.

The biggest distraction I allowed myself was these mens. I don’t mean any harm. I look forward to being in a healthy relationship of which my partner and I can growth together, build together, and walk our paths in love, yet in my past this type of relationship described was not the case.The issue lied within myself because I used relationships to try to fill a void that I later found could only be filled by God. (Mathew 6:33) During these years of distraction, I poured so much time, energy, and effort into situations that were not exactly ordained by God. Sure I learned many lessons, but as I look back and reflect on all the time I spent worrying about my old boyfriends, or doing something for or in relation to them instead of focusing on my purpose, I realize I could have been president, or the crochet blanket emporium queen, or a Kong Fu master..idk..but I wasted a lot of time with those minute distractions.

Break it down, B:

Remembering that distractions are things–small things mostly–that keep our focus from something else. That “something else” is 9 times out of 10 extremely important. In my past experience I found that I was addicted to my distractions. I was addicted to the pain that was caused in those messed-up situations. I was also comfortable not going for my dreams because I was complacent and did not feel I deserved better. I was lost and confused, so I did not mind those distractions. On the contrary, I later learned that the whole time, I was actually keeping myself from God. I was keeping myself from my purpose. For instance, in this new space, I feel prosperous. I feel unstoppable and invincible because I finally handed my life over to God. It is my theory, that once you being to seek God, and only God, once you let go of all of the things that keep you disconnect from the spirit you, doors of prosperity begin to open like like drive-thru windows.

As we go in to #prosperity2017, ask yourself what are your New Years resolutions? What were my distractions in #wtf2016? What is blocking me from becoming everything I’ve ever dreamed of? What will make #prosperity2017 a good year ? However you answered those questions, understand it will require sacrifice of some comforts, FAITH, focus, determination, discipline, and consistency to achieve said goals. Stay tuned though..I’m working on all of those traits. I’ll let you know how it goes, trust.

Pay Homage:

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” -Winston S. Churchill

Say: I starve my distractions in order to feed by goals.

Salute: Shine bright.

be light. Work your talents. Together we can spark a light pandemic.