Loving me: Let me explain

I be busy lovin me
Like I love spring breezes
and honey suckle under shaded tree
like popsicles on warm sunny days
and bicycle splashes when I play
like bees are too busy to sting
and birds be chirpin high up in the trees

I just be busy lovin me
like the  last bite of my lunch time sammich
and sunrises on beach mornings
Like sculpting clay into a masterpiece
and the sculptress is always me
By the hands of God whom guides thee
and I just be so thankful

Chile, I just be too busy lovin me
Like I love outrageously (and hopefully contagiously)
My sometimes achy knees
And always need to sneeze
The soft dip in my back
My itty bitty titties
Peppery freckles
The scent of my yoni, fresh fruits and flowers
My little knubby fingers that hold this pen
The almost invisible dimples that crate when I grin
My noticeable double chin
The sensitive ears that pick up the ancestors’ movement
Delicate compassion
and My cute but not so cute feet that
Shine in the sun
when I am on the run
Toward destiny

Loving me be like heaven
and don’t we all strive to dwell in that peace,

well that is why I’m always busy….