The Church: To attend or not to attend? That is the question.

So, I was having a conversation with one of my sister-friends ironically she brought up the reasons why she left the church and has doubts about worshipping Jesus. I thought her comments were funny because I had been internally debating for a while whether or not I should attend church. As a “woke” person I understand the arguments one can have in opposition to the traditional church setting. Yet, as I continue progressing and growing in my spiritual journey I find that the church is an important staple in my life.  With all that said, spirit, led me back into the “house of God” in which fellowship and community worship live.

Church– noun| an assembly of people who have responded to the call of God through the Gospel by uniting their lives under the leadership of Jesus Christ to execute his plan of redemption by the power of the Holy Ghost in this world.


As a child, my step-mother took us Sunday to a non-denominational church. You can say I grew up in a church, somewhat, for their were times in my childhood our visits became inconsistent. Nonetheless, my experiences were pleasant and my relationship with God was born.

On the contrary, I started reading more once I got to college. And I learned about how allegedly the “Council of Nicea” created the whole concept of “Jesus” to included a picture of an “Arian” fellow in the picture we all have come to be associated with the name “Jesus”.  As well as how this council intentionally created the story of “Jesus” as a means to control the public. During my freshmen year of college, I also learned that one of them King James’ ordered Shakespeare and his writing boys to create a new version of the bible which just so happens to be the version we all use as well as the version that is most translated. As a curious student my thoughts were: What if they purposely left something out? Woe is me? What does this news mean in regards to the religion I claim? Did Jesus truly exist? If so, why he gotta be white?  In addition to all this new found awakening knowledge, my eyes also began to open to greedy money hungry pastors that literally pimp the church in order to fund their lifestyles. I began to find it real odd and ironic that pastors would just know how many people needed to be saved but were to afraid to go to the alter. “I can feel there are 5 more people in the audience who need to be saved. (How Sway?) Don’t be afraid. If you deny Jesus now, he will deny you in heaven,” they would say. Not to mention the, ” If you sew a seed of 117 dollars you will be blessed” moments when guest pastors who call themselves prophets come in and lie to our faces about who God is, but I digress.

Between my education and eyes opening, I did not go to church or claim Jesus for a long time. I thought it was all a hoax like many American institutions. However, when I denounced the church, it seems my spiritual strength left with my former beliefs.

Break it down, B:

Now, that church was no longer my source of spiritual understanding, I sought to find a foundation in other places, and I was please. I started to learn about Kemetic science and practice such as the laws of Ma’at, the entity NTR and the NTRU, meditation, and my ancestors. Africans, before imperialism struck did not even have a name for God, they worshipped the earth, the ancestors, and the spirit world. I found that I connected greatly with those principles. I also found that Kemetic science and principles sound a lot like Christianity. In fact, some would say somebody plagiarized, but I digress. Despite my exploration with new spiritual practices, I came to realize that religion is nothing more than a set of beliefs and doctrines that guide your life. Religion is merely the way you decide to live your life. The issue is we put too much emphasis on customs and standards without rhyme, reason, total understanding, or open consciousness.

The truth is some pastors ain’t shit, many churches are full of hypocrites, and sometimes church leaders lie about who they are. However, it is up to us to follow our spirits and build a relationship with God.  Mind you, no where in this post did I say I don’t fuck with God. In fact, my relationship with the creator is strong, although I don’t believe in tithing all the time, I believe I worship God with my actions. I like attending church because I enjoy lectures based on the bible which was also plagiarized from Kemetic principles (there is a Jesus character in Kemetic stories too *side eye*) The truth is God is not as petty as most religions make him out to be. God cares mostly that we seek him/her, live for him/her,  serve others, and allow his light to shine through us.

Nonetheless, because having a relationship with God and spiritual strength is most important, it is imperative that we create our own personal religions.You must have a spiritual practice, and mine may be different from yours. In my journey I found that I like a one or more doctrines from just about every religion. For example, I pour libations for the ancestors like the ancient Africans. I honor Jesus as an ancestor, and seek to practice love and truth in the same manner he did. I pray to Tehuti (God of Sacred words and intellect from the NTRU) when I need wisdom, I perform rituals like the ancient Africans, I believe in Karma (a Hindu belief), I chant and have a alter like Buddhists. I get tarot card readings. I meditate to align them chakras and tote crystals. I attend Christian church on Sundays. I study the Holy Bible, and I’m trying to get my hands on a Quran as well as my own copy of the Book of the Dead. I practice abstinence like Christians are supposed to because I found that waiting for marriage to have sex is the most effective, harmless to the environment, and fail proof fuckboy repellant ever to exist. I do all of these things while wearing an ankh to honor life.

Your spiritual journey should work for you and help you ascend, discover yourself, unlock your powers, and bring you closer to God. Your practice may or may not happen in a church. The choice is yours, but spirit (God, Ra, Ja, Jehovah, Allah, the creator, the universe, and/or NTR) is always with you (Matthew 28:20).


  1. God blessed us with spirits that lead us to him/her.
  2. Christian principles and concepts came from Kemet.
  3. We must be cautious of any American institution.
  4. It is okay to trust your instincts.

Say: The creator lives in me.

Pay Homage:

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” -Jesus Christ (John 14:1)

be light. Work your talents. together we can spark a light pandemic.