Oppressive Dick aka Toxic Masculinity

I want to begin this piece by disclaiming: Yes. I appreciate a good dick like most women. However, I am too tired of hearing oppressive dick lyrics and listening to men who assume they rule because they have an appendage between their legs that, when used properly, can bestow immeasurable pleasure. Combatting living in this phallocentric society has been a task. With this piece I aim to define what I like to call the “oppressive dick “, offer ways of which my sisters can overcome the damage this environment has caused, as well as enlighten my fellas of the psychological and physical effects lyrics, mannerisms, and rhetoric has caused. Oh yea, this one may not be for the kiddies.

Dick– noun| 1. a penis 2. anything at all


Let’s see uhhh “wait til you see my dick, aye bitch, wait to you see by dick. I’m gon beat that pussy up, like beeeUMM beeUMM beeUMM beeeUMM beeUMM beeUMM beeeUMM beeUMM beeUMM”(wtf is a beeUMM?) , “50 shades of grey, beat that pussy like Hulk Hogan, “And sex, I likes to give it to them rough”,”when I hit it, Ima hit it, Ima hit it”,”she gon let me beat” and “Beat that pussy like Emmett Till”..those are just a few lyrics that have recently resonated with me, but we can listen to just about any modern trap hop song and pick out lines that are overtly offensive to the pussy. I’ve just been listening to the radio ,and it seemed as though every other song had something hurtful to say about the pussy, as if she has no feelings…as if she can’t hear, as if these types of oppressive ideas do not permeate the psyches of women, young and semi-young. I’m not here to argue the effectiveness of the song lyrics. I am not here to proclaim, we should all stop listening to trap music. I am here, however, to say, we must for the sake of humanity, the globe, and our communities evaluate and refine the way we address pussy, the vagina, suga bowls, that wet-wet,  pu-nanny or whatever it is that the kids are it these days.

Continuously using words such as “beat,” “hit” and “rough” as it refers to the pussy causes damaging effects. For instance, woman endure mental abuse and otherwise until they begin to love themselves. Sometimes aggression and anger is misplaced because women get mad and do not know why. Uteruses are being removed from Black women disproportionately due to fibroid tumors, and cysts for various reasons, but oppressive dick affects are definitely one.

When listening to these songs, I often thought, do these men even like pussy? I mean really? Why are we beating and roughing up the body part we love? To discuss pussy in the manner of which we often hear essentially means the pussy has no value. And because of such generalized assertion, relationships, self-esteem, communities, and the world are all going to hell in a hand-basket cuz God don’t like ugly, and s/he especially does not appreciate when folks dehumanized, demoralize and abuse the people s/he put in place to create life and nurture the world. (Ephesians 5: 28)

Break it down, B:

So, what is the oppressive dick? The oppressive dick is a dick, or man, or community of men whom assume they have the right to neglect, mistreat, miscall, or disrespect the pussy. He, or they do this by saying harmful things in reference to the pussy, operating as if he deserve an honor for his ability to “beat the pussy up”, or simply disrespecting and failing to honor the pussy. Let’s be clear. The lies eurocentricism, and hatin’ ass, scary ass, power hungry white men have propagated in reference to the pussy is a huge fallacy, and it has the whole world fucked up. Air pollution is not the only reason why we are experiencing spring time in February. God is mad because mother nature is disrespected not only in the obvious ways but also in the manner of which women are treated on this earth. After all SHE is the portal between heaven and earth. Lest not forget, women are the creators and incubators of all life. She gives birth, and can feed her young with her own body. She heals the sick. She supports and shower men with love when they can’t see it for themselves. She is the model of love. Wives make the men. Wives, in many cases lead men to the creator.

With all that said, keep on pissing God off with this oppressive dick, and karma will continue to hit that ass quick. There will be no way to resist. I suggest you oppressive dicks, repent. Then, submit. Hopefully the Lord will forget. Also, a pussy rub goes a long way. As for my ladies, remember, despite how the oppressive dicks present themselves and their ignant thoughts, you rule, simply because you are woman. God has blessed you with curves, intuition, creative powers and much more in order to help keep this world going. You are divine. You are the liason between our world and the universe. You are treasure. So love, honor, and talk to your wombs. Get to know your pussy, and shield her from oppression.


  1. Pussy runs the world.
  2. God don’t like ugly.
  3. God is a forgiving god.
  4. Global warming (warnings) are not a coincidence.

Pay Homage:

“Pussy run everything fuck dat noise” -Drake

Salute: Happy Women’s history month and shit.

be light. Work you talents. together we can spark a light pandemic.


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