When God is pleased…

Peace, love, coconut oil, air and all of those good things. Life is interesting, for one minute we can feel overwhelmed and as if we are drowning in our dreams in an effort to succeed. The next minute the wrinkles in the current become smooth. These past few weeks have been slightly overwhelming. In fact when people would ask, “how are you?” my response is, “well, I’m just trying to keep my head above water.” We often wear so many hats and carry so many responsibilities, so getting all tasks done can seem like we’re trying to float during a high tide.  Nonetheless these past few weeks, I have learned two very important lessons. 1. Staying focused on God will neutralize waves, and 2. When the creator is pleased with you, supernatural doors will open in your honor.

pleased-adjective| feeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction, especially at an event or a situation


 In my spiritual walk I find myself often getting hit with pertinent decisions. For example, one of my close friends recently had a ceremony, and I was not going to go. She asked me to write and perform a piece. Originally, I agreed, but when time got closer, I saw my work piling up, and thought it might benefit me best not go. However, when I attempted to rationalize not fulling my commitment, my spirit tugged, and tugged. Finally, the notion crossed my mind: would God be pleased with me if I did not honor my commitment? The true answer was no, so I went. I ended up having great time, and was inspired greatly by my amazing friend.

Second, I continued to take the mantra of “pleasing God” with me everywhere I went. In every pickle I found myself in, I think ” Well, what would please God?” If the decision I could make does not please the creator I serve, I curve the entire situation. If my behavior does not please God, I choose to change my behavior. The beauty of this mantra is multifaceted. One, it acts as a moral compass. It’s much easier for a overthinking, somebody like myself to use this concept of morality to guide my actions and decisions. And two, it seems like when I decided to live my life by keeping “pleasing God” in the forefront, blessing, on blessings, knocking down blessing, tripping over blessings, sliding down blessings began to pour into my life. For example, the day after the ceremony, I found out the due dates for the assignments I was worried about were pushed back and my class was cancelled. The big G be looking out when s/he’s pleased.

Break it down, B:

Yes, God gave us all free will, but I’m here to share, life is much easier and smoother when you follow a moral code of ethics. Simple things like treating people with kindness and respect, loving yourself, honoring your word, appreciating your gifts and sustenance, loving others as you love yourself, using kind words to communicate, working hard, taking care of your body, and most importantly keeping God first, will prove to open doors for you that no man can close. In the moment I decided to keep God first and consistently acted to please, new possibilities were open to me. An atmosphere of newness and pure positivity surrounded me like clean air, and I could not be more excited. And I am certain it is because the Lord is delighted in me because I took delight in s/he. The next thing I knew, life got easier, opportunities became attracted to me, and my needs began to become fulfilled without any heavy-lifting on my behalf. Its lit like a muthalovin flame.

So, sure understanding purpose is extremely important. Learning to love yourself is even more imperative. Hard-work towards achieving your goals is non-negotiable. Having a positive attitude is a must. Yet, none of those actions listed above means squat, if you are not a walking light. How does one become light? It’s also simple, plan your behavior around the concept of pleasing God. Keep God first, and your steps will be ordered, opportunities will be abundant, and the events necessary to achieve your purpose related goals will meet you were you are. (Pslam 37:4)


  1. When you keep God first, amazing things happen.
  2. Morality is easy.
  3. Always listen to spirit.

Pay Homage:

“The only way to seek God is to seek God first. Deny the nayward, affirm the yeaward, be true to those stirrings and motions which He starts in us, refuse priority to all else, and be faithful to the sacred.” – Jean Toomer

Say: I’m keeping my eyes on the prize.


Be light. Work your talents. Togehter we can spark a light Pandemic.