I know..I know it sucks, but we can’t be petty, and here’s why

I’ve noticed after I’ve evolved or grown further into my relationship with God that I cannot do the same things I used to do. The major act I had to let go of was…and it still hurts… was being petty. Yes, yes, yes. It seems after making the decision to live my life according to divine purpose, with ambitions of pleasing God, and allowing only cleansed karma to follow, that I had to let my Petty Patty behaviors go. It’s a sad truth, but it’s worth it.

petty-adjective| of little importance, trivial


Boy, boy, boy. Back in my day I used to be able to run with the best of them. I used to be able to make sly comments about folks under my breath. I used to be mean and extremely cynical toward people. I used to be able to talk the best shit about folks I did not think looked or acted appropriately. I used to be bad. Oh, my. I used to go to the mall, sit at the food court, just to talk about people. My miserable ass did not have anything better to do back then. Moreover, if I did not like someone for whatever reason, I used to be able to be real slick with my nice-nasty comments and fallacious kindness mannerism. I was a whole mess.

On the contrary, recently, I’ve noticed I cannot do those things anymore. I cannot be petty not only because my conscious won’t allow it, but neither will the universe, for when I do revert back to my petty ways, I am quickly met with cosmic redirection. For example, over the summer, I was serving at my part time job. I cannot remember the specific details, but I was serving a family and they were getting on my nerves. I remember walking into the kitchen talking all the shit about errbody at the table out of anger and annoyance. I opted to be petty and mean instead of continuing to love and treat them with kindness and respect through my positivity beat. Nah. Not this time, my nerves were urked. So, I’m in the back kitchen and in no time, as I am talking this trash, next to the trash, I go to wash my hands, and I cannot name how, but the water seemed to splash all over my face. The next statement to come to my mind and through my mouth was: that’s karma for being nasty. Oh yes, the smallest amount of pettiness will be met with some chin checkin’.

Recently, I had another moment where I was being “nice-nasty,” I was being nice to someone, truly with intent to be petty. We don’t talk normally, so my overtly nice attitude at the moment was surely put forth out of residual pettiness. I’m in the teachers lounge, being nice-nasty, and the moment the moment was over, I turned to open my lunch box and all my pineapples fell out and pineapple juice spilled on me. I was real hurt because I wanted those pineapples. Anyway, the next statement that hit my spirit was: that was karma for being petty.

What startles me is the fact, I had been able to be petty in the past, but it seems the more I grow in my relationship with God, the more I learn to love myself, the deeper I go on my spiritual journey, the less I am allowed to be mean, petty, and nice-nasty. No matter the matter, I think I’m okay with the change.

Break it down, B:

I realize now that because of spirital ascension, if you will, and closeness with the creator, those of us who chose to live a disciplined, disciple-like life, are expected to operate at a higher standard. Our chakra’s are aligned now. We are more aware of the power of the universe, so our awareness requires more positive emission on our behalf. And it seems by experience that in the event we fall short of the positivity we are responsible for, correction via karma meets us sooner. It is a major responsibility, and we’re human, so learning to live in this manner is a process. Nonetheless, the reward from this positivity practice is great. After living and operating under this standard, I found that protection from harmful things are more abundant. Blessings and opportunities are more abundant. Prayers get answered sooner. Revelations and directions are given almost all the time. Peace is within me, more often than it is not. And life seems more beautiful this way. I find that I rather not be petty, mean, and nice-nasty after all because it was too much work for me, and I’m tired of the universe spilling things on me to redirect my behavior. ┬áReally though, the reward is worth giving up that old, negative part of myself.


  1. Strong spiritual warriors are held at a higher standard.
  2. Correction will not hesitate.
  3. Blessings are the cosmic reward for positive behavior.

Pay Homage:

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” -The Golden Rule


Be light. Work your talents. Together we can spark a light pandemic.