Be Fearless in the Pursuit of your Goals

To my all my niggas in the whole wide world —cues Solange–whas good? Boy oh Boy have I missed this work. Life has been changing for me. Distractions and excuses have been creeping in like this disrespectful ass cold air, but I’m back on my bullshit. I’m back on my need to breathe, and what fills me with air is my writing, my learning, my teaching, and my art. What does it for you? What is the thing that gives you wings, acts as the air you breathe, or makes you feel the most alive? Whatever it is–do that shit–fearlessly.

fearlessĀ – adjective|lacking fear

Synonyms: bold, courageous, audacious


In my mind, I said, “self. ” And my self said, “humph?” and my self replied, “this has to be the year you return to yourself. This has to be the year you continue to do the work that fuels you. This has to be the year you grow as a writer and poet. This has to be the year you get better. Then the devil, or his spawns: doubt, fear, excuses, spoke. “Bitch, you ain’t got the chops or the drive to do the work you were called to do.” Or my personal favorites, ‘”it didn’t pop before maybe you should reevaluate your life”, “maybe you just aren’t ready yet,” “maybe you are not in the financial space to take the leap,” “maybe you should just remain where you are comfortable”. And for a moment, I was like yeahh maybe. Today, I say: Fuhk all that shit. I know who I am. I know what I want. I know God has equipped me with everything I need to do so. I just need to do that shit–fearlessly.

Break it down, B:

No one, I mean no one was created to work and die. I just can’t fathom the creator being where the creator is saying, “yeah, yeah, this nigga will be a great call center employee,””oh yeah my girl ova here, she’ll make a great slave to the system yahhh.” Don’t get me wrong. We all have our special niches and places in the the world, but for most of us there is a creative, nurturing instinct, or task which allows us to thrive. There is a special part of ourselves we deny or ignore, yet we were created specifically to do that thing. When we do, we feel like we are flying in real life. And yet and still, we have moments, distractions, and excuses that keep us from answering the call. In 2018, gahdamn we need to live. We need to do what makes us happy. People get shot every day, b. We deserve to live our lives in the manner of which makes us feel like gold. We do this by ignoring the voices that tell us we cannot. We do this by ignoring the part of us that may be too afraid to step outside of our comfort zones. We do this by saying: Fuhk all of those lies, the creator called me to this special purpose during this moment of my golden life, and it/he/she shall not forsake me. (Jeremiah 1: 6-8)

Skills Practice:

Here’s a little idea to help you get that extra boost. Arrange a slice of paper in two columns. On one side list the goals you have for the year. On the other column list all of the resources, networks, gifts, and talents you already have to accomplish your goals. On the back of this sheet, or the very bottom, write a small prayer asking your spiritual foundation to deliver you from hinderances and/or to help you achieve these goals.

Or download a free worksheet below:

Be Fearless Worksheet

Pay Homage:

Therefore we must fearlessly pull out of ourselves and look at and identify with our lives the living creativity some of our great-grandmothers were not allowed to know.” – Alice Walker (In Search of Our Mothers’ Garden)


  1. You are made of that good stuff.
  2. If God placed it in you, acting on it is a must.
  3. There will always be roadblocks–mental and otherwise–fuhk em & keep going.

Say: I will fearlessly be who I was called to be.

Salute: “I didn’t come back down to earth to die.”

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Be light. Work your talents. Together we can spark a light Pandemic.