How to Work With What You Got

Let me just tell ya’ll something: I work my butt off 24/7, and I have not secured any bags [yet].  In this season of my life I have learned how to downward dog and forward fold a dollar so far, my bills have become more limber than my own self. My wardrobe is limited. Roasted Chicken Ramon Noodles is a new favorite. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are an art form.  Any time I get a meal, I don’t dare think about disrespecting God–s/he gone get this praise, and I’ll look at you funny if you dare sit across from me and don’t give the Lord the glory because meals are hard to come by witcho rude ass. I was so grateful when my Momma blessed me with some work shoes for Christmas, you would have thought I was 12. If you ask me out, I’m going to consult my gas tank first, then I’ll hit you back. Yet and still, I consider myself fine af, fly af, and still making boss moves.  The secret is: I work with what I got.

Got: past participle of get

For the sake of this vernacular based blog post “got” will act as the past participle of the word “have”.

Have: verb|possess, own, or hold.


Being a visionary is not easy. Working diligently to become an entrepreneur who sets her own schedule, and lives a life of which she will not have to take a vacation from is not a walk in the park. Ain’t no suns shining or birds chirping outchea maine. At least not every day. Every dime I earn goes towards my bills and the money made from outside sources go right back into investing in the vision. In other words, “I can’t eat. I’m broke nigga, and you got the power to change that.”  I’m not even going to make it seem like this state of existence is kicks and giggles because it is not. There are many moments where I want to give up and resolve to advancing in my career as a teacher. Teachers start to make money after about 5 years and 12 degrees if they are good, but then again. If it’ll take five years to see money as a teacher, I should just stick with the grind. In conclusion teachers should be paid more, but I digress. I rather penny pinch my way to my vision than be miserable at a job of which I do not find joy. I’m back on track now. No worries in the present though because I work with what I have.

Break it down, B:

Let me tell ya’ll something. I am already creative, shout out to God. Because I am creative, I have the wiggle room to be resourceful. In this season of my life, I have resolved to braiding my own hair. Sure, I can’t afford to get my hair done or the good Brazilian Body wave, but Kanekalon only cost a few dollars a pack, and I have learned to braid a mean Bob. Ya’ll thought I was trying to be cute. In real life I’m saving money. As a young girl I spent hours playing with my hair, my wig dolls, and painting my nails. Good times. Good Times. Now, I put all that practice to play as I paint my own nails and soak, cheese grate, and paint my own toes. Ying Mae couldn’t keep getting my 100 dollars a month.

Lastly, when in doubt, Youtube has it all. I was getting dressed to go to the club with my Shnuggah Wuggah, and my fatty ripped the old dress I planned on wearing. “Oh, darn”, I think to myself. “What am I going to wear now?” I thought back to the YouTube video I had just watched about the five ways to wear a button up. I asked Shnuggah to see his Bompton shirt, and BAM! I started slaying. I was turning heads all night.  See pictures below.


Untitled design

Seriously though, I understand why God has placed me in this position. For starters, not having money and things is making me appreciate what I do have even more. Second, because I have learned to appreciate where I am, I am confident when the flood gates of heaven do open on my behalf, I will be more mature and apt to float and/or swim. I will have the mindset necessary to make those bags stretch just like these limber ass dollar bills in my wallet. S/he has a plan. The lord has a plan.(Jeremiah 29:11) There is a plan, but until it all unfolds, work with what you got.


  1. Being grateful for what you have pleases God.
  2. Being uncomfortable helps you grow.
  3. YouTube is a whole university.

Pay Homage:

“I’m broke. I can’t eat, and you got the power to change that.”

-Brandon T. Jackson from Lottery Ticket

Salute: My dressed didn’t cost but seven dollars, but I made it fly. I’ll tell you why.

Be light. Work your talents. Together we can spark a light pandemic.

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