Becoming Me

the road to becoming is not easy,
but it is clear.
it is underneath layers of tears
to cleanse,
skin to shed,
budding habits,
and the waving leaves
it works to develop new rings.

i see her in my throat.
Every now and again,
she speaks–when confidence defeats.
She is delight and a treat

and although the road is not easy,
there is freedom in the fact
chrysalis will whither away
and what is left is beyond majesty.
The word has become a cliche’

She is

Dynamic will not do her justice
Super is for caricatures
Alluring is a weak modifier
Charismatic is a given
Beautiful need not to be recongized
it is written in her name
Bold does not compare
Spontaneous is too meek
Poise is the consensus
Powerful does not quantify
Large is an understatement
Divine is too easy
Intelligent is vague
Ethereal is not enough
Tough is too sensitive
Influential is meager
and busy is for bees.
there is no word or
kingdom for this species.
nor is there a galaxy to hold

She is
without a doubt, and
she lives
in me