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I’ve found it ya’ll. The secret to unlocking the best orgasms of your life. The secret to certifying nuts until the end of time. Are you ready? Well…I found that optimal orgasmic pleasure is one of the many benefits of working out. Let me dive deeper for you.

 Work Out– phrasal verb of work|1. (of an equation) be capable of being solved.  2.have a good or specified result.


This road to healthy living has been a long journey for me. I’ll be quite honest. I’ve always wanted to be one of those women who jog in the morning or in the afternoon consistently. In essence, I’ve been taunting myself tirelessly about infusing healthier habits into my life. Finally, after years of start-stopping.  Vegan-cheeseburgers-no beef-only chicken and fish-fuck it I’ll eat anything but fast food- just kidding that Cook-Out was bussin’-eff the bull I’ll work out next week, I feel like I have found a happy medium between meeting my dietary goals and my physical goals, but in the process of figuring this shit out, I’ve discovered some really cool benefits and reasons to work out. While, I’m still working on my goals, I found some truths about myself related to working out as well as some major secret benefits.

Break it Down, B:

See the problem for me is consistency. I’ll start working out once during the week, and I’ll feel good. Then, laziness overtakes me, and I cop out. I’ve been playing that on again off again game for quite some time. You would think working out was a good dick ex-boyfriend. Nah. However, I’ve been working out consistently for a few months. So much so, the only thing that hindered my routine was traveling and adapting to a new work schedule. Now that I’m acclimated to my new life, the consistency of working out has uncovered some real live benefits I’ve noticed. Following, in no particular order,  is 9 uncommonly told benefits of working out.

  1. Heightened Orgasms and Sexual Pleasure: GIRLAAAAAA. If I hop on that penis after I get done working out or even the day of, I’m more limber, I’m more susceptible to being worked out, I have more energy to be freaky, and for some odd reason, my sexual peaks are intensified.
  2. Hair growth: YESSSSSS HUNTY. Hair growth. I can’t tell you why. Okay actually I can. The moisture from the sweat along with the circulation of blood flow to your scalp miraculously stimulates hair growth. Originally, I read the theory in “If You Love it, it will Grow: A guide to healthy, beautiful natural hair” by Dr. Pheonyx Austin. I didn’t believe it, but I noticed more new growth during periods of consistent work outs then I did before.
  3. Better Moods: Work gets me hot, but that is a story for another time.  Adulting is already stressful, but muthafuckins complain so much it puts me in a bad space.  I’ll also start to feel unsure or uneasy about something because, well, life. But then, I’ll go for a jog and hit my workout routine, and I instantly feel better. The moment I’m done, I feel like a new put-together bad bitch ready to conquer the world with a smile.
  4. More Energy: I find myself dragging and lethargic when my work outs are inconsistent, but after I get a better flow on my routine, I have more energy to do the things I love. Speaking of flow…
  5. Less Pain during Menstrual Cycles: Prior to consistently working out, that first and last day of my cycle would put me on my ass. Literally, I don’t want to and can barely walk without feeling intense cramping. Ladies, you know the feeling, its annoying, distracting, and down right painful. We handle that shit with a fierceness. Nonetheless, during my consistent work out phases, I feel less pain, cramps, and bloating. The pains are less severe, so I find myself working out even on my period.
  6. Clearer skin: First off, my G after I get done working out, I have this glow. Its fabulous. However, the glow sticks around a little longer when my work outs are consistent. My skin looks so good, I can go a little, just a little, longer without getting my eyebrows done. The baby Hedgehogs on my face don’t look as bad when I’m consistently working out. I’m able to maintain my “just got my eyebrows done” look for a while.
  7. Less bodily aches and pains: I find that my back, feet, and knees–the parts of me that often feel bad no longer affect me when I’m consistently jogging and stretching.
  8. Silence of the Mind: Today specifically, I was frustrated from work. I found myself complaining to my friend repeatedly this week, but it did not feel right. I felt, I need some quiet time to hear God. I needed to clear out some negative toxins and spirits. So before my work out, I prayed to God for a clear mind and a better attitude. Before I knew it, I was jogging and thanking God for my blessings. By the end of my jog, I had gained insight about my next moves, plans, and craft development. It was a beautiful moment. Yet, it was the decision to work out that took me to a place of which I could quiet myself and hear God. Spending time with the Lord is multi-dimensional. Believe dat.
  9. Focused intentions: The same day, after my work out, I knew exactly what work needed to be done, and I was thrilled to do so. Working out helps to increase focus and motivation. I theorize, we run the way we navigate our lives. I was on a run- stop when it gets too intense, or run-stop near the end. I found, I was navigating life in the same way. Yet, when I run-push myself to finish strong, I walk away with the same mentality about life.

I can’t explain the physiological or psychological reasons behind these benefits–that’s not my bag. All I can tell you is, in addition to the normal benefits of working out–health, body sculpting, longevity, etc. etc, the nine I mentioned are happening for a young woman like myself. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, but if you are on the fence about getting your health together or introducing healthier habits into your life, consider these benefits. The hair growth alone gets my ass jogging. Seriously, working out helps me maintain peace and mental balance unlike any other method. At the end and beginning of the day health is not about changing your body or attempting to perpetuate societal standards of beauty, its about maintaining peace, joy, mental balance, and cultivating the beautiful and strong body you were blessed with. So, I’m hoping, that maybe just maybe these benefits will motivated you to love the body, mind, and life you of which you are blessed a little bit more.

Pay Homage:

Happiness is holistic.
“It’s multifaceted,” she said of health. “It’s physical, it’s internal, it’s my diet and my emotional state—it’s all tied in together.” In other words, it comes from the inside out.

–Michelle Obama


  1. Being a bad bitch ain’t easy, but its worth it.
  2. Spending time with God has many different outfits.
  3. Working out induces peace, joy, and self-care.

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