The Truth about Living in God’s Perfect will

It is a very known prayer and hope for Christians and believers to ask to live in God’s perfect will. According to this doctrine, God has a will and purpose for our lives before we even take our first breaths. In my training as a believer, I was taught at a young age to pray for God’s will. And so, I thought I was. When I felt I uncovered my purpose and vision, I would pray God help this ideal come into fruition. Ironically, I grew bitter and began to resent God because the life I envisioned was not manifesting in the manner of which I thought it should. I questioned, have I been left, forsaken? Isn’t that what the word” says, you–Sir, God–don’t do. I stopped. I stopped working toward my vision and if I did do something toward it, my attitude was the most resistant. 6 months later I learned a major lesson: when praying for God’s will, one can’t be mad if the immediate outcome looks different from your own.

Will– noun| 1. the thing that one desires or ordains 2. the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.


Many lessons. Many, many lessons I’ve learned possibly the biggest of my life recently was in reference to God’s will. I’ve been praying for God’s will over my life since I can remember, but it is only recently I’ve been hit with the truth. I am very blessed. My career, my car, my health, my family, man, finances, etc. And I am grateful. Only I was setting myself up to be bitter because my life was not panning out the way I planned in the time or order i had planned. Instead, I am flourishing in my field as an educator, my creative passions are gaining momentum, not at the rate I envisioned, but growth is happening. I find God going above and beyond in spaces outside of what I planned for myself, but instead God was blessing me within the spaces I current exist.

With that, I realize where I am. The same place I’ve been complaining to get out of is actually the will of God. Isn’t that funny? The proof is in the blessings and opportunities received while in this space. The only factor holding me back from that truth was my own perception of my life. I thought I was projected to have impact in more glamorous ways and sooner. Social Media has a way of making users feel their contribution to the world in privates spaces are insufficient, but the devil is a liar.

God said, right here. Right now. Blessings, impact, and prosperity in abundance in this space—in this world. It’s just now taking my dumb ass years to see. I am living in God’s will. The flow of my current life is in accordance to God’s design for my life as well as the gifts, talents, seeds, and abilities s/he has given me.

Break it Down, B:

I ask you. How often to do you find yourself dissatisfied with your life? How often to you question your worth and purpose based off of the glow and blessings of others. As I said previously, social media has a way of robbing us of joy and peace, for what is advertised on those networks are not a reflection of what is real. Social Media–Instagram, Facebook, and the like exist only on the internet, but what you do and the impact you make in your day to day walk as a human being is reality. Sometimes it takes looking outside the small box we call our cellphones or even our own clouded perceptions to see the beauty in what we have in front of our faces.

For me, seeing the possibilities of social media taunted me instead of inspiring me. I saw the glamour and allure of all of these men and women with numerous followers seeming to make copious amounts of money and thought why not me. The truth is, however, God designs us all for specific and special purposes. And why ours may not look like huge following, or a star-studded lifestyle, the impact we make in our private spaces do in fact improve the world.

Don’t get me wrong. We all have the right to climb, and reach for the stars. I’m saying, even in the will I’ve been avoiding, I have much to aspire to as well as much to achieve. I’m saying, we can’t be mad with God because we ask for something, such as his will and his purpose for our lives and see something else unfold, or our that same something unfold slowly. It’s possible that when we open the eyes of our heart, we will realize we are living in God’s perfect will and bliss is ever present.

Pay Homage:

What is important is the least impressive.

Pastor Steven Furtick


  1. God will always give you what you ask for as it relates to your purpose.
  2. The universe works for our good, not against it.
  3. Sometimes seeing the beauty in where you are takes time.


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