Small Details make Big Pictures: Don’t be discouraged

Imagine your best friends and your man looking at you like you’re crazy because you constantly pout about not accomplishing enough in your life. Imagine them using this intriguing grimace to get you together. Now, if you feel like you have not done enough or you are not as accomplished as you would like to, I’m passing on that look because I’ve learned small details make big pictures.

Picture– Noun| a painting or drawing, image or vision


A few months back, I was feeling at my lowest. I did not feel like I was doing enough. Mostly, the vision, painting, or drawing of my life I have created for myself was not the picture I was living. I couldn’t believe after all this work that I have put in, I am still not living in my vision. But, God…Hallelu, me and my Shnuggah had a conversation about how small details make big pictures.

Break it down, B:

I will break it down, so that it will forever be broke. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. A baby takes nine months to bake and all of those cliches. We and everybody you talk to know you have that big money making dream. You got big boy goals you want to see. You want to ride in that Mercedes truck after you walk into the the dealership with a fur coat to drop a bag on the colonizing dealer who aims to sell you the car at a high interest rate, so you will be in flex debt. But he won’t get you today because you ball.

And you will get there. In time. The truth of the matter is it takes small steps to work towards who you want to be. I can take my past life for example. My big picture was to become a teacher. Be a fabulous twenty something year old with a nice car clean car and acrylic nails.

The small details that made the big picture were as followed: I had to get accepted into college, pay for college, take classes, pass my classes, pass the praxis, earn my teaching license, apply and interview for jobs, and finally get a job. Believe it or not all of the small details took half a decade to accomplish. I don’t mean to make goal getting seem so long and drawn out, but let’s face it. We beat ourselves up without realizing great things take time to manifest. Also, the work we put toward the small details make the big picture even more profound. (Luke 16:10)

With that said, go easy on yourself. Take into account there are many small details that need to be established before your picture is full. Keep in mind we are human and life also happens. Maybe you realized later in your life you want something new, so you had to reroute. Maybe you had to clear up some emotional and spiritual energy in order to get to the next place. It’s all good. Just realize those small details matter too. After all, small details make big pictures.

Before long, with faith, focus, commitment, and dedication, you will see the big picture in your golden frame.

Pay Homage:

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance – and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.

Oprah Winfrey


  1. Small details make big pictures
  2. It’s okay to re-route.
  3. Keep up the good faith.

Salute: In the meantime, show yourself some love.

Thanks for reading!

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