Moms, Get back to you with Megan Thee Stallion

In less than three months time, I had a baby, moved states, and quit my job. My guy, my girl—that’s a lot of change in one big wave. All great things. All sweet. However, postpartum couldn’t take me down, but adjusting to these new changes bended ya girl. In the mist of it all, I started to feel myself slip away, but sis Megan thee Stallion got me all the way together.

Affirm: verb|offer (someone) emotional support or encouragement.


I can be loud. On the inside I have a light so bright and a voice so powerful trees shiver in my presence. Yet, and still there are times when I can feel that light dimming and I can feel that voice quieting. Often putting others before myself, or simply not giving myself the room to be raw and to be human because I’m too busy trying to be super or too busy trying to get through all while making it look sexy causes my greatest inner assets to weaken. I would say holla if you hear me, but you can’t so…. Like if you hear me, comment and share this post if you feel me. In sum, I am a woman–not super–but woman who often feels not herself in the mist of the living. But God. But Sis Megan thee Stallion.

Break it Down, B:

Dancing is truly spiritual and therapeutic. Specifically twerking and all of the sequences that follow bring me back to myself with the quickness. Shaking my body, my hips, moving my limps, dipping it low, bringing it up slow, and vigorous two stepping gets the heart beat pumping and wakes my spirit. It is the subtleties in my curves that vibrates to spar with the sun. Us women don’t dance for fun–we do it for love. The love of ourselves and therefore the love of all for which we nurture. Taking care of ourselves is required for the love of God. Literally. (Ephesians 5:29) And dancing is how I choose to do it.

It’s nice to perform this spiritual retreat along with the lyrics of an equally powerful house. Megan Thee Stallion’s raw and unapologetic affirming of herself, her abilities, her independence, and style was the ministry I needed to snap out of the trance of unfamiliarity and lead me into the truth of my existence as a strong and sensitive milk-making chief.

Reviving Bars:

5. “F**k getting clout, b**ch, I’m tryna get rich”:

Let’s be clear. If I’m not working toward building wealth for children and their children and their children, then I’m not getting the most out of my life. This line reminds me that petty matters–clout, popularity, comparisons– are not the goal. Worrying about the things that don’t matter only distract me from my course.

4. “P***y finger lickin’ good like I mixed it with Old Bay“:

First of all I just moved to Maryland, and I learned Old bay wings are not only a thing, but they slap, so there’s that, but I digress. Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to celebrate yourself. And that celebration may cause from some bragging. Furthermore, **pushes glasses up**owning our sexual essence is essential to inner peace for a woman, and this line affirms that truth.

3. “Ain’t no d**k alive that could make me lose my mind

One or two may have tried, but they all failed. Congratulations sis, you still have you and all your glory even after enduring a tumultuous relationship.


This line reminds us to stay focused, to love ourselves, to be reminded of what we deserve, and to put peace above all.

2. “Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, this is not about your d**k
These are simply just instructions on how you should treat my c**t”

Often times we get so caught in taking care of and pleasing other people. This line reminds us to stand up and speak on our needs which women seldom do in fear of hurting feelings.

1.“Everything that I done been through made me who I am right now, ah“:

Remember the entire purpose of this dance jam session was to feel like me again. This line reminds us that we are resilient and fierce. The reason we are here and shining, the reason we can dance and move mountains is due to all that we have overcome. That’s worth celebrating and connecting.

In Summary:

I was in my laboratory also known as my kitchen preparing my family a delicious meal, and as the onions caramelized and the vegetables steamed, I was dancing myself back to life listening to “Fever” by Megan Thee Stallion. Despite what misunderstanding onlookers may dredge up, her music is liberating, empowering, and necessary. I learned no one can help you get back to you, but yourself. With that, get in your bag and do what you have to do to connect with yourself. At the end of the day and in all of our dimensions, moms, wives, sisters, go getters, bad b***ches need twerk too.

Pay Homage:

“Megan Thee Stallion helps me be a better wife.”

Anonymous Friend of Mine



  1. Self-care is essential to holding it down.
  2. Make a list of the things you enjoy, and do that sh**.
  3. When in doubt, have a girls night.

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