How to Create a Vision Board with Intention and Faith

This past weekend, I hosted a small vision board gathering. It was cool. Two of my closest friends came over and we flipped through magazines over wine and turkey burger sliders. All was well, until my girlfriends read me for filth. The read led to what I consider my best and most faith based vision board. I will share with you how to create a vision board with intention and faith along with 3 vision board creating tips.


I was hype. This was my second year having a vision board gathering. I always enjoy making our goals visual. However, I must be honest. I’ve made 4 or 5 vision boards in my life and they all seem redundant after a while. It’s either that, or I feel a way when I don’t accomplish the things I put on the board.

That said, this year I did a little research. I watched one of my favorite Youtube gurus do the job. I intended to follow her tips to a T. While her tips were very useful, some ended up complicating the entire process. One tip, in particular, was to create categories for organizing your vision board. I thought the idea was genius, so I did it. I had a finance category with three goals, a career category with three goals, a personal category with three goals, and a business category with three goals. There was a plan for this board. Essentially, I had a plan for this year. I was on my way to creating a vision board with intention and faith, at least I thought.

So, the music is going, the wine is pouring, the magazine pages are flipping. Our visions were under construction. Some time passed, and my friends were completely finished. Meanwhile, I had clippings, but nothing glued. Not to mention, I only managed to secure the magazine clippings for one of my categories— personal.

Break it Down, B:

Here comes the read. So I say, “wow, ya’ll are done?”. One friend says, “yea, I don’t want to put too many things I can’t commit to.” Friend two says, “why aren’t you done?” My response, ” I only have pictures for the personal category “. I follow up the last statement by saying, “Maybe God only wants me to focus on those three things.”

And BOOM! Here it comes.


Friend two: “Maybe!” Me: “I’m about to cry and I don’t want to because this is suppose to be a fun night.” Friend one: “somebody always seems to cry during girl gatherings. This is your house, so it might as well be you.” Me: I’ve always been someone who is always building and preparing for the next thing. If, I only focus on these three personal goals and nothing else, who would I be?” Friend one: I can speak on what it’s like to raise children. It changes you. Plus, the items on your list can’t be easily checked off. They are constantly on-going,” Friend two: Maybe, God is telling you, if you focus on those things, your other goals will fall into place.

My Personal Goals for the year:

  1. Continue to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.
  2. Continue to raise a healthy and happy son.
  3. Grow in my spiritual walk.

Tips for Creating a Vision Board with Intention And Faith

This night changed my way of thinking because I’m typically loading my plate with so many goals and focuses. I can’t even eat that much, but I’m a visionary for Gods sake. Right? No. Not all the time. I’m learning that not only is life bigger than my ambition, but with a new baby, fiance’, and family to build for, I inevitably evolve and my priorities change for the better. In essence, I have to grow with the flow of my life and that flow may require time to sow.

Furthermore, God is in control. We can plan and come up with plans and goals, but ultimately the big guy laughs at what we thought, and clears a space for better things to come. Also, our foundation, our base, or our soil must be rich in order for our goals and dreams to come into fruition. Our duties in the process, however, include growing in our faith and trusting the current of our lives.

That said, here are three tips for creating a vision board with intention:

Tip A. Make a list of achievable goals for the year. Writing my goals for the year on paper was vital. I was able to easily see and categorize my goals. Furthermore, seeing it written, first, made it easier to prioritize for importance and organize my thoughts.

Tip B. Intentionally find images for the most important goals. Find images that evoke the feeling you are attempting to induce with your vision board. For example, I found a heeled shoe that was under construction. That imaged evoked to me the feeling of peace, because God and I are still constructing the Faith rooted boss bi**h I intend to grow into, and the idea brings me a peace of mind. The key is searching for images that are guided by faith.

Tip C. Anchor your vision with faith. When I say faith, I mean your spiritual path, practice, and in whom you believe. Be sure the goals and images you choose align with your spiritual requirements, values, and prayers. Ask yourself what is God guiding me to do in this season?


In hindsight, the clippings I put to the side were plenty. If I were to continue to find things to fill my frame, my picture, my vision, I would have ran out of room. In order to create a vision board with intention and faith, I had to be sure to create a vision I could nurture and cultivate in fullness in an effort to create the quality lifestyle for which I aspire. For me, that means intentionally putting God and the things that are most important in the center while trusting everything else will fall into place. My girlfriends were absolutely right and I couldn’t be happier with the visual message and map I created to guide my year.

Pay Homage:

“Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want.”

-Alice Walker


Thank you for reading!

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