4 Love Lessons from Love is Blind Netflix Series

Last week on three separate occasions and from three different people I was given reviews on the Love is Blind Netflix Series. “Have you watched Love is Blind? If not, you should because it’s cute.” “Barnett is playing games.” “Call me after you watch the pool scene between Diamond and Carlton.” True story, and so after listening to the streets, I decided to take a gander. I ended up learning 4 love lessons from watching that cute mess of a show. Below I share an overview of the show as well as those 4 lessons I learned.


I jumped on the series on the second episode, so originally I did not have the complete context, but I got the gist. X amount of single but ready to marry males and females gathered together to participate in an experiment. During said experiment, they would have ten days to speed date and forty days until their actual wedding.

The catch was, however, while speed dating they could not see each other, but they could speak through a thin wall. Couples could finally see each other after they got engaged. After engagements and first time encounters, the series take viewers along the journeys of a 6 couples as they vacation at a lovely resort, move into together, immerse back into their natural lives, meet relatives, and plan their weddings.

Keep your balance. Because the shi* gets real.


Break it Down, B:

Watching the series I found myself rooting for situations I didn’t think I would. I found myself wanting to jump through the screen and pop folks in the mouth while shouting Beyonce quotes in solidarity, and sending side-eyes to some obviously dishonest people. I even recalled being in my own immature space in regards to relationships. Most of all I learned a few things.

4 Love Lessons from Love is Blind Netflix Series

1.Get you someone who is mature enough to communicate their emotions.

I say that as someone who just learned how last year, but thats besides the point. Carlton infuriated me during his exchange with Diamond. You know which scene I’m talking about. Season 1: Episode Four. I was infuriated not because of the circumstances surrounding their fallout, but his immediate act of recklessly defending himself by calling her out of her name and insulting her.

His response was very immature, but I understood where it came from. Ultimately, all Diamond was trying to do was discuss her feelings about the matter, but during so Carlton clearly relived past moments of rejection, so instead of explaining his feelings he opted to insult her. This Guy.

No matter. The lesson we can take from this, however, is the importance of knowing how to communicate your feelings and also choosing a partner who can do the same. The fact is when deep rooted issues or otherwise arise in a relationship, it will require maturity to communicate through the problem. Take Lauren and Cameron for example. On date three, they poured their feelings completely out, and they ended up happily married

2. Be confident in who you are and what you want.

I learn this lesson from one of my favorite people on the show–Amber, Ex-Tank Mechnanic, 26. lol From day one she came on the show like “yea I used to blow shit up. I’m hot. Barnett would be stupid not to choose me. It’s Barnett or bust for me.” She knows exactly who she is and want she wants, so she stood confidently the entire show.

Other females had eyes for her love. She was unbothered. On her wedding day, her own mother tried to talk her off the ledge saying, “you shouldn’t have to fight for love it should be natural.” Amber’s response was,” it was natural and I’m fighting for it.” Then, she confidently walked herself down the aisle wearing all smiles and a beautiful gown.

She and Barnett seemed to have the most fun and be the most compatible. In actuality, they were a perfect match. Amber knew it from the start. She lived it from the start. She did not waver, nor did she second guess. Oozing confidence, she got her man and they were happier for it.

3. Don’t allow outside influences to effect your relationship.

Two words: Lauren and Cameron. This interracial couple ended up being the stars of the show for reasons beyond the obvious. They had a real deep emotional connection. Yet, when outside influence attempted to infiltrate their relationship, they did not allow it. They ended up standing as one of the strongest couples on the show.

They were not the only couple to do so. Most of the couples had friends or family question the validity of their relationships or comment on the absurdity of it. The most true of them all did not allow outside opinions to effect the love they shared.

In addition, each couple was able to better connect in the pods because they did not have work, social media, or other personal facets of their lives to distract them. Total focus on their love interests brewed solid foundations.

4. There is no definitive answer to the question of love.

Shakespeare tried to define it. We ask ourselves everyday. Music and art try to recreate it. I’m a writer and part time Yoda, so I share my theories, but ultimately there is no definitive definition, rhyme or reason to the experience of love.

The Love is Blind Netflix Series clearly demonstrated the fact that love does not come in a particular package. It is not contained in a jar. The likes of it cannot be predicted or tamed. It comes as it comes. Our job while we have it is to let it flow naturally and maintain it.

Think about it. Many of the people in the experiment stated they all had ideas of the type of mate they wanted, but when it came down to blind connections, they found greater loves in an unexpected situation.


The show is an interesting cute mess. The love was in the air and so was the drama. It was quite entertaining, but it should not be taken too lightly. As we try to navigate our own lives and our on bouts with love, there were definite take aways from the Love is Blind Netflix series.

Pay Homage

“I got it naturally and I fought for it.”

– Amber, of Amber and Barnett


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