Maintain a strong Perspective during the COVID-19 Crisis

I originally had a different post scheduled for this week, but all the hysteria surrounding the COVID-19 crisis inspired me to share these words: We are going to be alright.


On two accounts yesterday, I received calls of panic due to concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a whole pandemic out here! The stores are bare and reminiscent of The Walking Dead. Every two seconds there are alerts of more cases being identified in the US, but for some reason, I can’t help but feel at ease.

My feelings of peace and security are simply due to having a strong and firm perspective on the matter. I am by far no expert on the issue. I’m not a healthcare professional, or politician. Yet, I do know how to control my thinking, and so I offer three tips to maintain feelings of peace and security during the COVID-19 crisis.

Break it Down, B:

Maintaining control over that mind is key in this here unique time. You’re going to have to have mind control over the COVID-19 hysteria.


Family and friends are freaking out and the media is relaying reports every two seconds. I’m not mad about being informed about what’s going on, but not allowing the massive wave of panic to take over is harder to do when Coronavirus is all someone can talk about. On the contrary, we have to maintain a strong perspective so we won’t get caught up in the worry.

When I say “a strong perspective”, I mean an assertive mental position for which you stand on throughout this difficult time. For instance, I truly believe we are all going to be fine, but I’m staying away from people until the crisis passes. I am committed to maintaining a positive attitude. I believe the national quarantine is necessary to contain the disease, and just as the crisis was averted in other countries, it will be so here. In the meantime, I choose to stay safe and wise as we continue living.

Three Tips on Maintaining a Strong perspective during the COVID-19 Crisis

  1. Lean on your faith. Chances are if you found this blog, you love the Lordt. Welcome. Lol Lean on that love of the Lordt during this time of crisis. He has us covered, so it’s easy to remain calm when you know either way the world works, you have a covering over your life that leaves no room for worry.
  2. Stay busy. Sis, this is your time to catch up on your reading, your self-care, your housekeeping, your rest, plus. I could go on. How often do we have this time to sit, reflect, and take care of ourselves? It’s not often. With that, fill this time with much needed R&R, or those things which often get neglected.
  3. Love on your people. Just so there’s no reservation, take this time to spend quality time with the people you love. If you can’t see them personally, call and check up on the folks you don’t get to talk to often. Otherwise, Netflix has just released new seasons of our favorites. Queen Sugar season four is on hulu. Get your family together and enjoy the uninterrupted time due to the quarantine and social distancing. Combat your concerns with love.

In Summary:

I’m not saying live carelessly. Sis wash your hands. Make sure your loved ones wash their hands. Try to stay in, and if you must go out take your disinfecting wipes and use them for anything you need to touch. Be careful, but the panic is not necessary. The powers that be are doing their best to contain it the COVID-19 Crisis, and there are many blessings to count while we sit through this wave. We’ll come out healthy on the other side. Maintain a strong perspective, live, and love.

Pay Homage:

Check out this article by Tim Herrera of the New York Times it might just put your mind at ease.


  1. It’s important to keep a leveled head during times of crisis.
  2. We should take the time we have to enjoy our loved ones.
  3. Ain’t no time like the present to praise the lordt.


Thank you for reading.

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