How To: Get What You Want in Three Steps

Hey, Ya’ll, Hey. I hope all is well amid Covid-19. I know we are are either getting that rest we deserve, or getting on the grind all while trying to maintain a positive panic-less attitude. It’s hard, I know, but we will make it through. Nonetheless, if you are of the school of getting on the grind while you have the time, this post is for you. Below, I share three faith fueled tips to get what you want out of life.

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Want-Verb|have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for.

My Story

Quite frankly, I’ve been dreaming up the life I want to live, the impact I want to make on the world, as well as the impact I want to make in my bank account. I’m just going to keep it all the way real on this here post today. And yet, here I am, still grinding, still dreaming up these wants and desires, but still, not quite where I would like to be. Like this post, if you feel me.

The truth of the matter is, dreaming up these ideals isn’t enough. Complaining about our lives to anyone who will listen is not enough. Trust me I tried. It didn’t help. We have to make it happen. I know sometimes it takes a while to get up the nerve and confidence to make things happen, but gone are the days of letting life pass us by without getting our piece of whatever flavor pie we desire. So, I personally, especially with all the time I have on my hands, had to dig deep, break some habits, and actively build towards the future, I’ve been dreaming of for years. That said, I’ve learned, I got to get to Werk in an effort to live my purpose, passions, and my dreams. This post, this lovely new internet house you see, is the result of that internal push.

Break It Down, B:

If you’ve visited the class before…get it…”class”…being CLASSIC …”class” designated for learning and teaching and if you’re me–peace, but I digress. If you’ve visited my blog before, you know I am an advocate for allowing faith to be the grounds we stand on to live, to achieve, and to find happiness and peace. The same process applies to dreaming. What good is a dream, or a goal, or a want, if we don’t put some faith on it, or allow God to lead us on the way. I’ll tell you, it’s not good. Trust me–I tried and failed many times. That said, below are those three steps I mentioned earlier.

How to get what you want in three Steps

  1. Set your intention– Setting your intention seems easy in theory, but its actually multifaceted. First you have to declare with a fervent power exactly want it is you want to see, manifest, or create. Declare it with confidence. Say it, write it, sound it out, do the syllable clap all the way until you believe it can be so. Yet, that’s not enough. The other facet of setting your intention includes, assigning your want a spiritual intention. In other words, for what God given or God driven purpose does your want serve? The thing about faith, is we are essentially designed to be a blessing by serving others (1 Peter 4:10), so if we aren’t intending to serve in some form, we aren’t using our faith at maximum capacity. Think about it? How can your desire serve others? Using your want to make an impact will help get it off the ground. Not only have you declared what you desire, but also you are pleasing God because you are serving others.
  2. Toil– Girl, put some elbow grease on that thing. Werk. Werk. Werk. *I sing Megan Thee Stallion as I type**, but I digress. Yes ma’am, work. There’s not rest for the weary and no lazy for the broke. I laugh, but really. Take active steps towards building your want, otherwise it won’t happen. It’ll just dry up like a raisin in the sun. And who really lives raisins? On the other hand, working isn’t just a requirement for physical manifestation of your wants, there’s some spiritual work required to make that thang happen as well. For instance, maybe you need to build on your relationship with God to gain more clarity about what you desire. Maybe, you’ll need spiritual encouragement like reading the word or consistently bedside baptisting the thing, or you know actually going to church once the rona is done. Either way, in order to get what we want, we’ll need spiritual back up because the road towards anything worth having is always a daunting one. It will require spiritual muscle to get through the hard times, the bare times, and the times we feel like giving up.

3. Have Faith— Yup. That’s that on that. Next.

I’m kidding, but then again I’m not. None of the steps listed above means a thing, if you don’t believe in yourself, God, or the God-given gifts you have to make your want happen. God wouldn’t have planted the seed, if he didn’t mean for it to grow. Now you know if the universe whispered it to you, it’s already endorsed. Rest assured the universe will conspire to help you make it happen. Have faith. The second you don’t, your will and power dissolves right along with it. Believe, lady, believe.

Side Note: I know having faith is difficult. I mean spiritual leaders say it, but what does it actually mean? How do you actually do it? If you’d like for me to break that down, drop a comment below.

To Sum it all Up

Life is short, but regret–that seems to stick. Combat that feeling by going for want you want. Just get what you want. You deserve it. And you are equipped to make it happen. Set your intention. Work for it. Have faith the universe will come through if you do.That said, show up for yourself and work for want you want while you have the opportunity to do so.

Pay Homage

Make the money. Don’t let it make you.

–Diamond, The Players Club


  1. You have to faith it, til you make it.
  2. The universe doesn’t work unless you do.
  3. A dream deferred breeds a haunting regret


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