Braid with me! Best Passion Twist DIY Tutorial

Hey, ya’ll what’s up. If you’ve been following the blog, you know how much I love healthy natural hair. In essence, there is nothing more beautiful than the hair that grows out of our scalp. All it needs, it’s a little love and attention to get it to do what we want. But I’ll fill you in on a little secret. I grew my hair to be healthy and thick by doing one thing: wearing protective style. My go to protective style is Passion Twists using Freetress Afro Kinky Hair. Want to know why I choose this style or how I create it, style it, and maintain it, continue reading below.

Don’t want to read, No problem. Watch the Youtube Video Below.

My Story:

The journey to healthy and happy hair has been a long and winding. I started using relaxers and it broke my hair off. Then I went natural. I thought I was cute, colored it, and without the proper care, that broke my hair off. I couldn’t catch a break. I’ve been on this journey now for what *thinks intensely* almost 6 years. My hair should be blowing in the winds lifted to the afro Gods, but its not. We’ve been through some thangs. Nonetheless, I decided to take a year to wear nothing but protective styles to help my hair grow long and strong. In doing so, I developed and affinity to Freetress Afro kinky hair and this passion twist style. It’s become my default.

Break it down, B:

When in doubt protective style it out. To complete this style you’ll need three packs of Freetress Afro Kinky hair, edge control, a Rat Tail Comb, and two mirrors for parting. See the youtube link for further instruction.

Maintaining this style is very easy. I simply put on a bonnet and keep it moving. It’s so easy. I love it because its light weight and looks very natural. It’s very easy on the edges. Would you believe people have mistaken this hair to actually be mine? I think I owe that to the texture of the hair. Either way, I am a believer of this style right it here.

Lastly, with the Rona wreaking havoc right now, a fun easy and quick style like this to do in the house won’t take much for you to feel like you and look good doing it.

Happy growing!–This is to your hair.

Thank you for reading!
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