Why I Chose to Start a Youtube Channel + You should too!

Hey there! I hope all is well during this difficult time. I bet you’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos to pass the time and learn new and interest things. That’s cool. I have also been thinking about Youtube. In fact, I recently decided to start a new Youtube Channel and take the task more seriously. Oddly, the journey to creation and maintenance has been so much fun and impactful to my agenda. That said, below, I share 4 reasons why I decided to start a Youtube channel and reasons why you should start one too.

Start- Noun |a sudden movement of surprise or alarm.

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My Story:

Let me tell you something. I have been working to build my blog and the parallel business for almost five years now. And the journey has been daunting, exciting, mostly full of growth. I’ve even attempted to start a Youtube Channel in the past, but for some odd reason I can’t even remember, I didn’t follow through. Oh well its a new day, and I’ve since learned so much about how to build an online business as well as which avenues to take to make it all come into fruition. All of the learning and growing has indeed led me to committing to grow my blog and my parallel Youtube channel. Nonetheless, I’ve talked to many folks who have considered starting both a blog and a Youtube channel.

If you are asking for my advice, I say go for, and here’s why!

5 reasons Why I chose to start a Youtube channel

  1. Research says a parallel video version of a blog helps to build audience. As I’ve said before, I’ve recently spent a lot of time trying to learn the other side of an online business. One concept that kept coming up over and over again was this idea of having a video version of your blog because it helps your brand, business, and ideas come to life. Also, as the world moves further into virtual and digital commerce, video is the future.
  2. Youtube is a great way to build community with your audience. I don’t know about ya’ll, but the Youtuber’s I subscribe to, I thoroughly enjoy. When they say, “tribe” or “family” I’m like “yea that’s me sis. What are we talking about today?” I begin to look forward to watching new content and reading about how there content has impact others who fall into the same boat as I do. It’s those moments and conversations that build community that people look forward to being a part of. I desire to create the same type of community, but on the pillars of ambition, motherhood, faith, beauty, lifestyle, and most emphatically professional and personal growth. I finally, thought. Why not? Who gone check me boo?

3. I find I am able to bring more animation to video. Writing is my first love, don’t get me wrong, but I find I am able to bring another level of enthusiasm to video. I go deep into my bag when I’m talking one on one to that camera. We go deep. Since motivational speaking is also something I enjoy whether it be via poetry or otherwise, I figured bringing those skills to camera would only enhance my purpose and vision.

4. It’s so much fun. Youtube-ing has become an enjoyable hobby. Let me tell you something. Once you start, the ideas just start rolling it. And it has become a fun task for me to accomplish. The idea of filming and sharing the ideas and things that I love in hopes that other people find encouragement and/or know how is an amazing feeling. At this point, I think of ideas all the time, and I look forward to writing out my ideas, filming, and editing. At this point, whether the channel grows or not, the fun I feel from doing it will outlast any expectations.

5. I’m able to add another level of motivation. Through video I am able to use my voice to contribute to my purpose of inspiring women and moms alike to live full and happy lives. I can emphasize my words, vary my tone, and show my excitement on another level when I make Youtube Videos.

Enough about me.

4 Why you should start A Youtube Channel

  1. You have great ideas and stories to share. You, yes, you have a skill set that only you specialize in. Furthermore, only you can deliver that skill set they way you can. No one else has your personality, voice, or experiences that you have. For that reason, if it’s been on your mind, you should start a Youtube Channel. After all, if the ideas was gifted to you. You would be remised not to at least see where it could go. I’ve heard some amazing ideas over the years. Get at it ya’ll!
  2. It’s a fun hobby. Let me tell you, if nothing else, it’s fun! Public speaking and video editing are great skills to learn especially as we grow in this digital world. Why not build those skills embracing a new hoppy. You’ll soon learn that it is fun and you’ll begin to look forward to working on it as your personal project.
  3. It’s a possible extra source of income. I don’t have to be the one to report that top YouTubers make good money, but if I had to report it, yes they do. Some YouTubers make 12-20,000 dollars a month. Others make way more than that. Granted the top earning YouTubers have been in the game for a while, but that should not stop you. If you find you enjoy it, you’ll soon see the extra income growing as you do.
  4. It can help grow your business or brand. Last, but not least, if you have a business or brand that you ride for, live for, have been working tirelessly to build you have even more reason to should start a YouTube channel. The traffic you will get to your YouTube Channel will most definitely help your cause. Try it and See.

In Summary

For the record, I’m not saying quit your job, school, or whatever real life things you have going on, nor am I saying, get on this internet and act a plum fool like you don’t have real live obligations. Let’s keep it a buck. Some folks quit their lives for things like this. I disagree lol What I am saying is, if its been on your heart, find a tasteful way to build up your skills, your niche, and ultimately your channel. At the very least you’ll find you quite enjoy sharing your hobby with the world while possibly building up new income.


  1. Scared money don’t make money.
  2. Hobbies help contribute to a happy and full life.
  3. We are growing more and more into a virtual and digital commerce era.


Thank you so much for reading! Love you guys!

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