My Nightly Skincare Routine to Heal Postpartum Stretch Marks & Skin Dullness

Hey there, again Hello. I had a baby ya’ll. And he has easily become the love of my life. He’s changed my life in so many ways. I’m a whole new woman because of this little guy. Okay, okay enough of the cute shit. While having my baby boy has been transformative in many magical and positive ways, I’m going to keep it a buck, my body is totally new. Learning to love this new body has its ups and downs. One of the downs being new stretch marks and skin dullness since giving birth. Holla, or comment, if you know where I’m going from. Nonetheless, on this post I share three ways I worked to heal postpartum stretch marks and skin dullness specifically for my body.

stretch- verb| be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking

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My Story:

I was determined. I just knew I was going to be the anomaly and not get any stretch marks throughout my pregnancy. And to be honest, I did not have not one stretch mark until the last two weeks of my pregnancy. True story. I thought I was was home free. And I was ready to resume wearing crop tops like nobody’s business screaming how I’ve conquered the impossible. I was ready to do the absolutely most. Then, my baby came through kicking those last few weeks and stretching me in the process.

Initially, I was ready to be sad. Then I realized, yes, my torso and thighs have the marks of stretching. But what does that really mean. According to the definition above stretching is the act of being capable to be wider or larger without actually breaking. Let me run that back..

stretching is the act of being capable to be wider or larger without actually breaking

In essence, you, as a new mommy, or mother at all were able to be pushed and pulled in actual impossible ways and still this new miraculous experience of motherhood could not break you. And the marks you have left over is nothing more than proof you made it through. Your stretch marks are proof you are powerful and triumphant. In other words, you are the absolute poo, and those marks is the living evidence of your greatness.(Proverbs 31: 28-29)How powerful is that?

Break it down, B:

I know it can be difficult to see. I mean, as a new mother you go through so many changes at one time, and it can be a lot. You instantly have a new body, and new mindset and a whole new person you are responsible for. It can be overwhelming, so its okay, if you don’t instantly download the relic, or idea of stretch marks being a symbol for your power, yet. It’s okay. Be kind to yourself. I’ll be honest, I go up and down with embracing and reproving my new body and mindset.

No matter, while I’ve been trying to remind myself that the new weight, the new marks, and other gains that I was gifted from the pregnancy are just that–gifts, I have still tried to do things to help me care for and embrace this new body. One of those major things being taking better care of my skin and working to heal postpartum stretch marks

That said, below I share with you the three things I have done to love on my skin and making it supple and refreshed since having my son.

4 ways to Heal Postpartum stretch marks

  1. Bio Oil. Specifically the oil for scars and stretch marks. I just about swear by this stuff. I used it before, during, and after I began showing. In fact, I contribute my lack of stretch mark gains prior to the last few weeks of my pregnancy to Bio Oil. I used the oil for my stomach and growing breast, and I have did not have any stretch marks until the last minute of the ninth inning of my pregnancy. To this day I use it on my postpartum stretch marks and my nursing breast. First, the marks that remain on my torso are very soft and smooth. They are present, but very faint due to the Bio Oil. Also, as my breast go from engorged to empty as a breastfeeding mother, Bio Oil helps to combat the arrival of any new stretch marks. My boobs are still completely stretch mark free. Ultimately, after accepting my stretch marks, skin health and softness became important to me, and Bio Oil supports my desire.
  2. Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter. I have been longing to buy this body butter for the longest time. I’ve heard many reviews on the product and I could not wait to get my hands on it. In contrast, my cheap ass also waited for the longest to finally buy. After giving birth, maintaining soft and smooth skin became more important to me, so I urgently purchased it. I have been so pleased. The Vitamin E helps to repair my skin making it soft and giving it the same glow I had as a pregnant woman. I love it, and the practice of moisturizing my skin nightly helps to increase my appreciation of my skin and body.
  3. Water. I have drank more water in the last year and a half it’s ridiculous. Yet, I’ve notice when I do my skin feels dryer, itchy, and well ashy as all get out. Water helps my skin do the work of repair and refresh. I know this for sure because otherwise, I look like a Gross Sister. Thankfully, water gets me together and helps me to heal postpartum stretch marks.

4. Exercise. I’m going to be honest, as much as I want to be, I am not the work out chick, yet. So I’m really reluctant to work out, but I can attest to the fact the sweat produced from the times I do work out is really good for my skin. Sweating gets my pores to working and it all works together to help repair and refresh my skin. My after work out glow lasts for at least a day. In essence, exercise has definitely helped to heal postpartum stretch marks.

In Summary

You did a thing. A big thing, in fact. You had a baby. And while you know how powerful that makes you, I understand the instances of low self-esteem it may cause when you look in the mirror and see your new body. The truth is, that low as well as the stretch marks on you body will heal with time and love. Embrace the new you and all of the gifts by loving and nurturing your new body for the better. In time, you will learn to appreciate it even more.

Good luck witcho powerful, stretched, but never breaking self.

Pay Homage:

And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see – or like a sealed letter they could not plainly read.

–Alice Walker, In Search of Our Mothers Garden


  1. Giving birth and becoming a mother is a powerful act.
  2. Learning to love your postpartum body will take time, and its okay.
  3. As always, be kind to yourself.


Thanks for reading! I love you gals.

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