5 Useful, Meaningful, and Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Good day ya’ll, hey. Father’s day is coming up, and I just googled father’s day gifts ideas. I found myself exhaustedly unimpressed when I saw a bunch of useless and meaningless junk that will essentially end up being a waste of money and find itself in a heap of garbage. We don’t have time for wasting money amid a pandemic, so I thought I’d share some meaningful Father’s day gift ideas here on the blog.

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gift- noun|an act of giving something as a present.

My Story:

I’m thrilled for Father’s Day this year because it is the first year my husbae to be and I will be celebrating these holidays as parents. I want to make it extra special for him. In essence, I wanted to do something to show him how much we appreciate him as the father, provider, and head of household, as well as, express our gratitude for all of his efforts as a great father. We’re (Me and my baby) are so blessed, ya’ll, he changes diapers, he makes sure to spend an abundant amount of time with our son, and he even asks as many questions as I do at the doctor’s appointment. Speaking of which he never misses one. My man is amazeballs, but I digress.

Break it Down, B:

I try to find ways to show how awesome he is as a father often, but Father’s day is the most heightened opportunity to show him some love. Furthermore, seeing as there’s a struggle or lack of father’s in our community due to mass incarceration, and a vicious generational cycle of physically, financially, and/or mentally absent fatherhood that stems from slavery, unnamed reasons, and other poisonous roots, I find it even more important to celebrate the Father’s that do their thang.

Lastly, the American holiday financial struggle is real. It seems like just when you have a good handle on your finances, something comes up. For example, you could be cruising along, stacking your paper and finally get your savings stacked up and looking good. It’s a possibility that you have paid down some debt or bills, and you have some money on the side. You become proud of yourself for staying disciplined and declining brunch dates. Shit, I’ll take it a step further and say, staying home during the pandemic got you stacking like crazy.

Pandemic or not, boom! Holiday’s come and smack you across the wallet. Boom Mother’s day! Then, Boom Father’s Day! Boom Memorial Day! Then, Boom its somebody’s birthday. And all you’ve worked to maintain has the potential to come crashing down. I get it, you don’t want to be that person who doesn’t show up for the occasion, but at the same time want to keep stacking your coint. I get it.

That said, I had to think deep about the Father’s day gift ideas listed below. The celebration of the father’s in our lives deserve more thought than a belt or tie that’ll find itself unused and in the trash and prove to waste our hard earned money.

5 Useful, Meaningful, and Budget Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Something to compliment or contribute to his swag. You know your man or dad way better than I do, but who doesn’t like to look nice. Furthermore, who doesn’t follow the the mantra, “if you look good, you feel good”? And we are all about making the fathers in our lives feel loved and appreciated. That said, study his wardrobe. Listen to what he’s been saying; then, come up with a cost effective gift—shirt, pant, accessory–that will prove to compliment or contribute to his swag.
  2. Something to compliment or contribute to his goals or life changes. Maybe your dad or man has been talking about getting in shape, or eating more healthy for example. I don’t know. You know the guys better than I do, but what better way than to gift him something something he could to build on his goals or life changes.
  3. A useful personalized keepsake. Shops like Things Remembered used to be my jam when gift giving. I always try to be thoughtful and buy things that create sentimental value. So keepsakes such as key chains with the picture of your man and his baby, or the whole family would both be useful and be sentimental. OOh, a water bottle with pictures of his family or his children that says “thank you for watering us with your love.” It doesn’t have to be a customized water bottle, it can be anything you know your man or dad will use on a regular basis. In my resent search, I found this website, and it has a lot of personalized and useful keepsakes for Father’s day.
  4. Something that will compliment of contribute to his hobbies. For example, My Shnuggah is has recently started taking up grilling as a hobby, so there are loads of things that I could get him that would contribute to that hobby. For instance, a cooler, a grill utensil kit, and other cool knit knacks that will make grilling easier and more fun for him. Think about it? What hobbies does your man and or dad have? If its playing basketball, for example, I’m sure there are many items you can buy that he will appreciate.
  5. Something that will overall make his life easier. This ideas is totally personal. Nonetheless, consider which areas of your mans life could be made easier with a new gadget, gizmo, or trinket. For example, if your man or dad likes to keep his change, but has it all over the place, a change holder might make his life easier. A coin holder may not have been the best example, but hopefully, you get my gist. lol

In Summary

The ideas I suggested are totally subjective and up to you. You know your dad and/or man, so you will better be able to adopt and transfer these ideas to your life. Keep in mind these gifts don’t have to be expensive if you think with love, meaning, and usefulness in the forefront. A personal and useful keepsake does not have to cost more than 30 bucks. The old adage “its the thought that counts” goes a long way when we actually think about our gifts and the people we love and desire to adorn. You got this. Comment your ideas below!

Pay Homage:

“Whether biological, foster, or adoptive, they teach us through the encouragement they give, the questions they answer, the limits they set, and the strength they show in the face of difficulty and hardship.”

― Barack Obama, Father’s Day proclamation , 2012


  1. If he’s a present dad, he deserves some love.
  2. Fatherhood ain’t easy.
  3. It’s the thought that counts, when the thought is thoughtful.


Thanks for reading! It means the world to me.

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