How to Recognize the Faces of Distraction When You are on Your Way to Success

Hey, ya’ll, wassup. And I pray you and yours are fairing well in the midst of the mess that is 2020. Any who, I came across a few posts about distractions along my daily haunts about Instagram, and they all related to distraction. Memes like “I don’t have time to get distracted by things that have nothing to do with my goals” and “You wouldn’t be distracted by comparison’s if you were motivated by purpose” all shareable all repost-able.

I didn’t think much of it all until I was in the zone momentum wise, then boom distraction, after distraction attempted to get me off course. There weren’t your everyday, “Oh, I’ll just watch Netflix” or “Oh, I’ll just scroll on my phone and lose track of time. No these distractions had different faces. No matter, because, I am going to reveal the different faces of distraction to you, so you can soar hunty. All I want to do is cheer you on.

distraction- noun| extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.

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My Story:

A few weeks ago. I was riding around and getting it. More like walking around my house and getting because you know, Rona. Any way, I felt I was taking good strides towards the pursuit of my goal of making a living blogging, creative writing, and the like. This week I was dedicated to being focused on my objectives. If it had nothing to do with my baby or my task list for the week, I was hearing it. Then boom. Attack. After Attack. After attack. Many distractions in the form of mind and emotion agitation flared with a seemingly vindetta.

For instance, emotional triggers by way of family member sparked trying to knock me off my rocker. Old things that months ago would have bothered me, resurfaced. Bouts of doubt. Then, of course the traditional urge to pick up my phone kept poking me like a sleeping bear. I knew, however, I had become more disciplined at least a little, when I did not fall for the distractions. Nonetheless, I was still able to identify them, and I still feel they are important to know if you are a goal getter who can be easily disracted.

Break it down, B:

First of all, I know as a human being it is impossible to remain laser focused to an idea or effort when there are so many other imploring things about life. I get it. I’m not talking about that. Right now, I refer to the moments when you are in the groove. When you feel God’s presence or your idea and situation. Maybe you had been praying for a particular blessing, and God has provided. Maybe you promised yourself you would accomplish a few things related to your purpose and dreams. And you become focused, and more importantly, you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. Yet, in the moment of peace, your spot gets blown up over some bullshit you just knew you had overcome and got passed. Those are the distractions for which I am referring those are the things that need to be identified.

In essence, these little fires are just coincidental instances that can be resolved with a bucket of water. These things are weight that need to be overcome permanently. While that may take time, at least being aware of these little fire weights, will allow you to soar a little more freely to those things of which you wish to achieve.

4 faces of Distraction

  1. Social Media & Other Sources of Entertainment– I’m just going to start the list off proper. You and I both know these social medias are the devil.(See Image Below) In the sense that, they can become detrimental to our productivity if we do not conjure enough discipline to leave them alone. In fact, during the week of strong momentum I was discussing earlier, I handled my business on the phone, then I challenged myself not to use it again until 5:00 that evening. And to my amazement, not only did I do it, but I got a lot done that day. Entertainment is not the only form of distraction social media can cause, it can also usher many temptations.
  2. Temptation– Okay, Okay, this isn’t Genesis and I am not suggesting that no one should be tempted ever, but that was literally the best word I can use to define this type of trigger. Here I refer to those instances you have been delivered from a habit or way of being, and then Bam! Someone or something crosses your path that tempts you to revert back to you old ways. It can be as simple as, for example, you saying you are no longer going to eat pizza, and your friends come over to your house BR (Before Rona), and now you have been hit with a possible temptation or distraction to keep you from your goal or purpose for not eating pizza. That example was very minimal, but the sentiment is there.
  3. Agitation Triggers– Nothing else can get a person more off track than a bout with agitation. You could be cruising along. In your own lane. Doing just fine soaring to the beat of your own tune, then boom! Some BS that you already find frustrated resurfaces like nobody’s business, and not you’re mad all over again. It’s okay sis it happens to the best of us. It happened to me last week. Those petty things, that aggravate me, but I try to ignore about society. Everyone has their own pet peeves. My resurfaced, and it almost knocked me off my game and got me distracted.
  4. Emotional Triggers- Yes, yes, yes, even matters of the heart can become distractions. Now for the record I am not implying that you should not use your heart and participate in the act of giving and receiving love. No that’s not it at all. Loving is the most natural human features, but I digress. I’m talking about other random things that could possible pop up in your mind or in your world that aim to make you feel some kind of way. If that feeling does not prop you up, or help you to evolve, it’s letting you down, and ultimately acting as a distraction. For example, some childhood mess resurfaced in my world. A situation that I have long since outgrown and dealt with and forgiven for, but the folks involve repeat the same mess. Coincidentally this happens in the midst of my momentum, and because this moment attempts to slow down my progress, I deem it a distraction.

In summary:

Understanding the many faces of distraction is valuable for one reason and one reason only. You have a God given purpose. And when we finally find it in ourselves to pick ourselves up from the trenches of confusion and idleness and become one with that purpose again its a beautiful thing, but it is also threatening thing to the enemy, or the forces that does not want this world to become a better place.

It is threatening to the forces, that don’t want to see you happy and thriving as your best self, or in purpose. So as a battle tactic, distractions are sent to knock you off course, to burden you with down, or to laden confusion in your mind.(Matthew 16: 23) But, God. and But, its 2020 in the mug. That said, now you know what distractions can look like. Be ware, so you can soar into your God given purpose, talents, goals, and path. (If you aren’t sure what your talent, purpose, and path is check out our free resources!)

We wish you must success here at Being Classic Britney. Continue to slay distraction free.

Pay Homage:

“Can’t argue with these lazy b*****, I just raise my price.”



  1. When you’re on the right track, the enemy always comes to throw off your gains.
  2. Recognizing distractions can help you combat them.
  3. You have a God Given purpose.