Am I a Minimalist Yet? 3 Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Closet

Hey, ya’ll hey. I hope all is well. I know there’s a lot going on in the world right now, and I hope you are good. Me. We’ll I’m hanging in there. I’ve been mediating on the concept of restoration. After living in our current reality, I realize more than ever the pillars of our humanity has been devastated by systematic racism. I understand more than ever how much we need restoration and individuals and as a community. That said, I took to declutter

In my experience, a clutter spaces leads to a cluttered mind. Furthermore, cluttered hidden spaces are sometimes nothing more than our inner consciousness being actualized in the flesh. All of this deep thinking, has me wanted to actively clear the cluttered spaces in my mind and my home. So I set out on an adventure. I went through all of my close and did my best to minimize the clutter. In this post, I will share some tips and results of decluttering my closet.

Declutter- verb| remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)

Watch the actual Declutter Process Below.

My Story:

We moved ya’ll. I don’t know if I have shared that. My man, my baby, and my mixed breed puppy moved states honey. And while we were packing up at the old spot, I realized I have a lot of crap. I had clothes that I’ve worn since middle school. For what? Why? Having all those clothes I hardly ever wore just added unnecessary stress to the already stressful moving experience. In a nutshell, I knew then it was time to declutter.

Furthermore, when we got to the new space and I began to unpack my closet. I found myself unhappy with the wardrobe I had. As a new mom, I have new priorities, and a few new tastes. Don’t get me wrong, much of the old me still exists, but my experience as a mother and wife to be has truly reshaped what I find important, as well as, how I seek to present myself.

Break it Down, b:

Trying to find something to wear now is harder now more than ever. I’m still breastfeeding, so I need to wear things that are easily boob accessible, but I don’t want to show too much cleavage. Girl, half my jeans no longer fit, as my hips are much larger, and my body shape has shifted like a manual car. When I say, I’m no longer the same woman, I mean it.

Yet, I don’t feel like I should be penalize. More importantly, I don’t feel like I should burden myself with sadness by trying to squeeze into things that I used to be able to fit. Plus, overall, my old clothes just don’t match the woman I am constantly evolving into. To take it a step further, going crazy for clothes isn’t exactly a priority right now. Right now I like to look nice and be comfortable while doing it.

So I set out to minimize. I would even say, this process, was my first step towards living a minimalist lifestyle, or living with only the things you need, free from the desire to buy and accumulate more, but to find happiness in relationships and experiences. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes though. Your girl, does love a lewk after all. lol

Tips for Decluttering

  1. Set your standards. This was by far the hardest part of my closet decluttering process. Nonetheless, you have to determine the standards for which you will decide what to keep and what to let go. I went through my closet twice to declutter, and each time I used a different set of standards. For example, the first time I went through my clothes, I used these standards.
  • It must fit my current aesthetic goals (Big Hair, Loose Clothes, Chic, and Comfortable)
  • It must be timeless and have frequent and/or multiple use
  • I must love the piece
  • Wore it in the past year

The second review I got a little more specific, after all the ultimate goal is to live a minimalist lifestyle. In order to simply my wardrobe even more I reduced my standards to the following.

  • white or a shade of white
  • black or a shade of black
  • denim
  • mustard yellow (It’s my favorite color to wear)
  • Can’t live without it. (These pieces are the exception to the first four standards)

Those standards left me with the following results. To the left are my winter and work clothes. To the right are my spring/summer clothes.

2. Release your attachments. Okay. Okay. This was the hardest part of the process. I had all that junk to talk about how I was about to declutter, and then when it came to some pieces, it was very difficult to bring myself to let it go. Imagine jumping in a pile of clothes like a sea, to rescue one item. I was just foolish. That’s when I realized I had to let go of my attachments and stay focused on my goal of decluttering and establishing a wardrobe that was simple and match the new me.

Because I found a way to let go of my attachments, I was able to establish a proud donation box.

3. Secure your cause. The best way to get through this process is to focus on your cause. Decide on the reason that will fuel or decision to declutter. Because, sis let me tell you, half way through I was ready to let the whole thing go. I had to focus on having a neater closet and being able to donate my clothes to a women’s shelter.

In Summary

I think I have a long way to go before living a full minimalist life—a long way to go. Nonetheless, I’m happy with the reduced amount of unused clothes in my closet. With the tips I just shared, you should find your decluttering experience to be a little easy. Also, I decided I’ll do this every spring just to make sure my wardrobe is one I can be excited about.

Pay Homage

A clutter space leads to a cluttered mind.

–Britney, Being Classic


  1. Tidying up makes you feel better.
  2. Clearing out the old cleanses the energy.
  3. Relationships and experiences are the most important things.


I cleanse my overcrowded space and mind to make room for goodness.


Thanks for reading!

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