How I Unpacked my Purpose and used it as Inspiration to Start a Business

Hey, Ya’ll. Whats up? Last week I wrote about this concept of unpacking your purpose, in an effort to make change. This week I want to break down that concept a little further by sharing how I unpacked my own purpose, gifts, and talents. Remember, here at Being Classic, we are all about living full and happy lives. And we whole heartedly believe building a life of which your potential is actualized and based on your passions is the way to go. I get it. You’re probably thinking: that sounds real cute, sis, but how do you do unpack purpose? No worries. I got your covered. I’m going to share with your how I unpacked purpose, and turned it into a business!

Purpose– noun|the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 2. verb|have as one’s intention or objective.

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My Story:

The journey for unpacking my purpose, gifts, and talents has cost a lifetime of ongoing experience. Coming out of high school, somehow, I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to go to college, get my degree in education, and build up my career. God is funny though, because as I started on the quest of my figured out life, I had detours.

One of my high school friends introduced me to journalling which turned into writing everything. Then in college, I had discovered an even deeper passion for writing, literature, and African American women’s stories. Becoming consumed with it all, I just followed what felt good.

I continued to build my teaching career, but in the midst of it all I earned my master’s in African American Literature, wrote a poetry album, started my blog, and had loads of fun performing for various contexts in various places.

I share all that to say 1. if you feel like your still just figuring it out, no matter how old you are or where in life you are, let me tell, it is very okay. This life we live is a whole journey and some times, a lot of times, it takes minute to groom and cultivate the life, business, and career you truly desire. Half the battle is understanding what it is you want and have been sent to do. The other half of the battle is figuring our how to build on that purpose once you understand. It’s hard. Especially when you have to pay bills and continue to sustain. No matter, because God has designed you for a special purpose or two, or three. It’s in there, sis. You just have to dig deep to uncover it.

How I Unpacked my Purpose and Used It as inspiration to start a business

  1. Flow with the Flow– The first step begun in high school. That was a ways, ways back in the day. Again, my friend introduced me to journalling. And I flowed with it. I kept writing and writing until journal entries became poems and short stories. I never stopped writing, but I continued to flow with the flow. At the time my focus was college then, career. I never stopped flowing with both streams until one took over the other, or God showed me something else. Truthfully I had not known enough about the world and what I truly wanted or enjoyed to narrow in on one focus. Which leads me to my next step.
  2. Review the Roots– After graduating from college, I had more free time to just think and reflect. During that time, I thought back to the things I’ve always enjoyed, was talented in, and cared about. I theorize life has a tendency to confuse us while urging us to move according to worldly things. And that’s cool. We have to live in this world. However, I wanted to get down to the core of my gift, passions, and talents. The only way I was able to do that was to review the seeds God had previously planted in my life. So I thought, what had I been good at in school? What has always lit a fire in my spirit? What activities make me feel like I’m floating on clouds? What have a done that I used all of parts of me? Ultimately, I questioned what brings me joy? The things I discovered led me back to my blog, back to writing, and back to my dreams. In asking myself these questions I was able to uncover my gifts, talents, and the purpose I wanted to use them for.
  3. Explore the possibilities– Okay, now with a new agenda in mind. I set out to see what the possibilities were. At the core I wanted to build a life with my writing and my passion for literature, but I didn’t understand what that actually meant. So, I just tried things. I started blogging, performing more frequently, organizing events, and clubs. I attempted all of the ideas I had. At the time, I was super serious about all of my efforts, so when they failed, or I didn’t get the results I wanted, I became discouraged and panicked. Looking back, however, I realize I was not failing at those things, I was learning the possibilities.
  4. Study- After trying things, I started making some decisions. I narrowed down what I wanted to do. I put together a vision for building a life based on my passions and what it would look like, and where it could lead with the right level of consistency and dedication. More so, I started to study. If I wanted to make a living as a blogger and writer, I had to study the craft and the business side. Keep in mind, the study part never stops.
  5. Keep Faith- Now let me be clear, nothing about this process was easy. Nothing. I had to fight fears, doubt, disbelief, laziness, lack of discipline, other people’s expectations. And it was hard. Through it all though, I always went back to God and used my faith as the foundation for my success. To this day, I have to affirm the idea that God is with me and I can do all things with God. Leaning on my spirituality is the only thing that keeps me working towards building the life I love.
  6. Build, reflect, repeat- I wish I could say I have it all figured out now, but the truth is as we are all constantly evolving and changing, its impossible to settle on just one thing. As my life changes and as I learn and grow, so do my desires, needs, my understanding of the world. Nonetheless, I continue to build up my business, and work toward a better me and a full life. Just when I feel as if I reached new heights, I reflect on what works, what doesn’t, what fills me, and what doesn’t. In doing so, the process repeats again but with more understanding.

In summary

We all have gifts, talents, and purposes. God specifically made us for it. He also made us to prosper, toil, and enjoy the fruits of our toil. (Ecclesiastes 3:9-13) Working within that design has the potential to help us manifest a life of happiness and fullness. The thing is, we have to be willing to do the work necessary to make that happen. I know sis, I know. You don’t always like your job, and you may be unsure about what’s ahead for you. That’s okay. We will always be growing, learning, and evolving. But in the meantime, in order to gain some perspective, I suggest, you unpack your purpose, gifts, and talents in order to gain clarity.

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Pay homage

“It was possible, I knew, to live on two planes at once—to have one’s feet planted in reality but pointed in the direction of progress.”

—Michelle Obama, Becoming


  1. God has created you for a special purpose(s).
  2. Unpacking your purpose takes time.
  3. Becoming is an ongoing process.


I can life a happy and full life.


Thanks for reading!

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