4 Wellness & Motivation Podcasts to Fill your Mind and Heart with Goodness

A few weeks ago I started a series inspired by the original post, “7 Ways to Appreciate Where You are in Life Now.” In the post, I discuss 7 ways to by pass all the mess we so often consume ourselves with in order to thrive and shine. Yet, I thought to myself, I think I can go further for my peoples and break it down even more. So the series was born. Today, however, I’m tackling that second recommendation–Enjoy where you are in life now by filling your heart and mind with goodness. In order to explain, I’m going to share with you gals 4 Wellness and Motivation podcasts I listen to in an effort to fill my mind and heart with goodness.

Goodness- noun| the beneficial or nourishing element of food.

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My story:

You know the phrase, “an idle mind is the devils playground”? Yea. I know that phrase all too well. I used to think it meant when you aren’t filling your spirit with God and God things, then the devil can just run rampant in your life. In a sense, my first theory was correct, but after some living I discovered something else. Now I theorize, it means when your mind is empty, when you are not busy toiling, when you aren’t moving about, perhaps you have more time to think, and it is during this time of still emptiness, that negative feelings and thoughts creep in your mind. Perhaps, these things will lead you to a sunken sad place. And maybe, that place keeps you from enjoying and appreciating where you are in your life now.

Well, that is the work of a pesty idle mind. It is the case for me. The more I have time to think, the more I can think myself into a sad overthinking state. And well, we don’t have time for that when we are thriving and shining, so I found a solution. Instead of allowing the idle mind to take me to the other side of happiness, I found filling my mind and heart with good things work way better.

Break it down, B:

So the problem I was having was getting sad when I had too much free time on my hands. The free time and the stillness just took my mindset to sadness. Now the solution, is filling my mind and heart with good things, or mind nutrition. I started filling my mind and heart with good things such as podcasts. Now, when I am working on something in silence, driving long distances, or am simply bored, I listen to these podcasts. I found the practice to be very beneficial. By doing so not only did I gain a full mind, but I also gained 1. more knowledge and information and 2. inspiration. Ultimately, listening to the podcasts I am about to reveal below, kept me motivated and in good spirits. Those two things combined only revved my commitment to excellence and goal getting. Check out the 4 wellness and motivation podcasts I listen to below!

4 Wellness And Motivation Podcasts I listen to to fill my mind and heart with Goodness

  1. Blessed and Bossed Up with Tatum Temia | Blessed and Bossed Up is an entrepreneur podcast with a spin. The host, Tatum Temia, provides faith based business advice for entrepreneurs. Every time I complete listening to an episode, I feel two things–the presence of God and fearless. “Blessed and Bossed Up” has a way of making you understand God is on your side as you pursue your dreams. When I complete an episode, I want to run to my bible, spend more time with God to ensure my steps are ordered by him, and do some work on my business. I don’t know, yet, how to do all of that at the same time, but Blessed and Bossed Up makes you feel like you can do all things with God.
  2. The Black Girl Bravado Podcast | The Black Girl Bravado Podcast focuses on wellness, mental health, self-care, and inspiration for all colorful girls. The hosts Brittany & Germani will have you rolling on the floor in laughter all while wanted to get your entire life together. They bring on experts in the fields and focuses of which they cover just so you know its real. This podcast is everything. When I complete an episode, I feel more excited about life and perhaps drinking more water. The Black Girl Bravado Podcast is so relatable, real, and funny. Go listen like today.
  3. Transformation Church Podcast | Transformation Church Podcast is an extension of the pulpit of Transformation Church pastored by Michael Todd. My friend introduced me to this Podcast, and it has taken me places. Literally, I used to listen to one episode of this podcast every Monday on the way to work. And when I hoped out of the car all holy and sanctified, I was ready to conquer whatever monsters work would throw at me that week. I’d simply pick an episode with a title that resonated with me the most. After completing and episode of Transformation Church Podcast, I feel the presence of God, more informed about how to be a better woman of God, and more reassured everything is going to be alright.
  4. Dissect | My man just recently put me on Dissect Podcast, and I love it so. Dissect is as they put it, “is a serialized music podcast that examines a single album per season, one song per episode.” In essence, they break down our favorite intricate albums and songs. Each episode they analyze themes, musical structures, and much more of the songs we know and love. All of the previous podcasts I shared, fill my heart, but this one right here fills my mind. Currently, I’m listening to a break down of Beyonce’s Lemonade album. They don’t miss anything. The hosts provide insight into aspects I did not consider when listening. When I complete an episode of Dissect, I feel like a scholar and more excited about using my creative work to do great things.

In summary

Maybe for you it Youtube videos, books, or walks in the park. Either way, don’t let the “devil” make a playground out of your mind, sis. Fill it, instead, with mind and heart nutrition. Do something! Listen to something! Go somewhere! Take chances! Be productive! This world out here needs you being your best self, and you can’t do that if you are not enjoying where you are in life now. So, when in doubt. When tempted by depression or sadness. Fill your heart and mind with something else. These podcasts do it for me. Find your thing, and if you have no ideas, try out the 4 Wellness & Motivational Podcasts I listen to to fill my mind and heart with goodness.

Journal Prompt:

What fills your heart and mind with goodness? What makes you feel good on the inside and out?

Pay HOmage:

“You have to fill your bucket with positive energy—and if you have people hanging around you that are bringing you down and not lifting you up, whether that’s your ‘boo’ or your best friend—you have to learn how to push these people to the side,

Michelle Obama, The Power of Education Panel


  1. An idle mind is the devils playground
  2. In order to be beasty bosses, we must keep our minds sharp
  3. Podcasts are great sources of knowledge and inspiration


Thanks for reading!

Be classic, Be well, Go for it.

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