7 Easy Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Life You Can Start Today

In light of recent events taking place in our nation, it was brought to our attention that we need more wellness practices in our community. But what is wellness? How do you achieve it? How can I practice it? Well if any of those questions sound about right to you, keep reading because we will answer them, and share 7 easy ways to promote wellness in your life you can start today!

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life

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My Story:

To say the least, I have been pretty emotionally sick. Between the actual pandemic happening outside and social injustice on the rise, I could not help but to feel defeated over the past few weeks.

Nonetheless, a deep thought came to me in conversation about all the madness. Can I be candid for a moment? Police Brutality is the tip of the ice berg of the harsh effects of systematic oppression and/or racism. While this issue is major (Stop Killing us), there are many other issues that stem from a history of our country using racism as a vehicle to build capital, resources, and sustainability. In fact, I recalled our entire existence as a people has been devastated for centuries. 

Think about it, we want love in our lives. We want to build Black Love and Family, but history has devastated trust between men and women as well as our modes of operations in love, relationships, and such. We want to build wealth, but we’ve been behind for ages due to working for free and against our will. We were born into being behind financially, so much so we are having to unlearn and learn how money really works. We want to own property, but we already know redlining has hindered that attempt for years. It’s a lot. Every aspect of our being has been devastated and singed in some way. All of the pillars of humanity–mind, heart, body, spirit, financial livelihood, etc has been impacted by systematic oppression in one way or another.

That thinking has urged me to want to work towards restoration. Matters of our hearts, minds, bodies, political participation, wealth, education, and otherwise can be restored, and they need to be restored. Our existence as humans who live full and happy rely on it. And guess what Ladies? As the women of our households and families, that act of restoration begins and ends with us. Yep, we are the covert and overt leaders in our respective spaces. We are the growers and the nurturers.  The gag is, if we do not restore and replenish ourselves, we can’t expect our families or communities to follow suit. 

Break it down, B:

It is the pursuit of restoration that makes wellness, or the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life, even more important. I’ve recently learned wellness is composed of 7 dimensions–social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical. It is the active process of making choices towards the goodness of those 7 dimensions that will lead to happy and full lives, and therefore restoration.

So what does that actually look like? Must we do run, work out, and drink green juice to capture wellness? lol Nah. That’s what I thought initially, but it is not true. Ultimately any attempt at being mindful and dedicated to the health and fullness of your mind, body, spirit, intellect, and otherwise, is practicing wellness. No worries though, below I will reveal 7 Easy Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Life You Can Start Today.

7 Easy Ways to Promote Wellness in Your Life You Can Start Today

  1. Drink a glass of water. As the captain of the “I don’t like Water initiative,” I understand the resistance whole heartedly. Nonetheless, water is so vital to our well beings. After all we are made up of mostly water. More interestingly, I find that drinking more water actually makes me feel much better–body and mind. My body, my skin, and my organs love it. Then, I feel proud that I drank–just one glass, and instantly my mood is better. It’s the simple things. Start practicing wellness by drinking a glass of water.
  2. Take deep breaths. You don’t have to jump into full on meditation or yoga today. Instead, just take a deep breath right were you are. You’ll find that your mood will immediately be calmed and you’ll feel so relax. Fill up those lungs lady and feel the magic happen.
  3. Add some green! Sis, I know you are about to roll up to McDonalds to get your double cheese burger. Get me one too! But, can you add some lettuce. It’s the little things. Studies show that more colorful foods and plates sends a happiness signal to your brain. I’ve done the leg work and its true. I became instantly happier by seeing more color on my plate. You don’t have to change your eating habits today though, just add a little green to your sandwich or plate.
  4. Go for a walk. Jump in the weather is fine. See the scenes. Look at the trees. Going for a walk is both exercise and therapy. The fresh air and sights will instantly send happiness vibes all through your system.
  5. Send a complimenting text to someone you love. Social wellness means building positive relationships. What better way to do that than with kindness? I’ll tell you. There isn’t a better way. Right now today, you can send a complimenting text to someone you love. It’ll make you both feel good!
  6. Listen to one episode of a podcast. Listening to wellness and motivational podcasts will fill your heart with goodness, but they will also make you feel energized and excited. Also, listening to other genres such as entrepreneurship, news, and finance podcasts will help keep your mind and intellect sharp!
  7. Say thank you to God. Belt it out with all you got. Tell God thank you and mean it. Start listing all of the things you are grateful for. This practice make you feel good while building on the spiritual pillar. You can pray, read your bible, build a relationship with God, or however you practice your faith later. For now, just send God a praise by saying thank you.

In summary

Now more than ever wellness is necessary, and we have the keys to do it. No one said it has to be complicated. Making choices to impact the 7 dimensions of wellness can me as simple as taking a deep breath. Start today! Our families and communities depend on you, lady, being well. Also, we’ll keep more wellness content coming! In the comments tell us what you would like to know! I hope you like these 7 easy ways to promote wellness in your life you can start today!

Journal Prompt

What does wellness mean to you? List your current wellness practices. Consider how they can be maximized.

Pay Homage

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

–Toni Morrison, Beloved


  1. Wellness is revolution.
  2. Deep breaths of fresh air can change your mind.
  3. Love. Period.

Thanks for reading!

Be Classic. Be Well. Go for it.

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