My Self Care Facial Skincare Routine

Good day good people. The sun is out and so is my skin, honey. I am so excited about this post today because I am going to be sharing the products I use as well as my facial skincare routine to keep my skin glowing. Let’s get into it.

Skincare-verb|the cleansing, massaging, moisturizing, etc., of the skin, especially the face or hands

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My Story:

I try my best to maintain smooth skin, but let me tell you during and after pregnancy I did not do so well. My skin was at its oiliest. The dark circles under my eyes were trying to take over. It was a lot. But like all things, I had my good days, and I had my days. All the while, however, I try to do the best I can to maintain my skin health–not just my face, but overall skin health.

I recognize that I’m getting older, and as you get older your skin changes. I’m trying to get a jump on that my implementing a facial skincare routine that well help me maintain youthful, happy, and healthy skin.

That said, the products and routine that I am about to describe I have been doing for 2-3 years now. I have only recently added my nightly routine. Nonetheless, these products and the routine feed my skin, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Break it down, B:

Continuing on our conversation about wellness and restoration, understand that self-care is a part of that initiative. In order to be our best selves, to thrive and shine, and help to restore that which have been devastated in our communities, we too must take good care of ourselves. Whether that be physically, spiritually, mentally, facially, or all, self-care is revolutionary. So sis, if your don’t already, please we are begging you–take some time to take care of you.

And in the comment share with us some of your skincare routines and products!

My Self-Care Facial Routine

The Steps and Process shared below are typically performed once a week with the exception of the last product.

  1. Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice Scrub— I begin my facial routine the shower along with my homemade Brown Sugar and Lemon Juice Scrub. I use 1/4 cub of brown sugar and a whole lemon. I mix those products up, and boom I have a scrub. Sometimes I add more brown sugar. To make magic happen I rub the mixture all over my face and neck. After a few minutes, I rinse the mixture off with a warm water and wash my face. The purpose of this scrub is to exfoliate my pores and deep clean my skin. OH, word to the wise, I use this scrub on my neck. The neck is an often neglected piece of skin, but it needs love too as it is the first to mature. Any who, your skin should be left feeling smooth.
  2. Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque- After I get out of the shower, I then apply a mud mask. This is probably my favorite part. I evenly spread the mud mask all over my face and neck. Once, it turns white, I know it has done its job an is ready to be removed. The Mud Mask relieves toxins and revitalizes the skin. Once the job is done, your skin will fell very soft and fresh.
  3. Hello Body Coco Line–Recovering Face Night Serum & Daily Eye Cream– These products I apply daily with the exception of weekends. I take a few drops of the Night Serum and gently rub it in all over my face and neck after my face has been washed. Lastly, a pen point size of the Daily Eye Cream is gently patted under my eyes. The Night Serum restores moisture into literally ever cell, and the daily eye cream removes and prevents the form of bags and dark circles under the eyes. I’ve been using these two products for two months now, and let me tell you. I saw a difference in my skin on the first night!

In summary

So that’s my weekly and nightly facial skin care routine. All in all, my skin feels smooth, clean, and fresh. Slowly but sure the bags under my eyes become non-existent. I hardly wear foundation when applying make up. Most importantly, I feel like a winner when the process is done.

I’ll alert you all if I add anything or make any changes to my routine.

Tell us what you do!

Comment below your facial skincare routine.

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Thanks for reading! It means the most.

Be CLASSIC. Be Well. Go For it!