5 Signs its Your Passion + I really missed blogging

When I tell you this feels good, I mean it. I’m a writer, and I don’t have the words for myself here. Nope not on this day. This, returning to my blog, feels good. Have ya’ll ever ran away from something due to fear of failure? That’s the story of my life right now, and in many ways, it’s the reason why I have taken an impromptu hiatus from blogging. The fear of failure and the illusion that I must put down my passion in order to nurture another goal. I’ll explain all this and more on a later date, but for today, I’m just glad to be back. I’d like to share a few life updates, and 5 signs that will help you determine your passion.


an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

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my story.

My last post was in July. It is now November. So for three months I’ve been running from my baby, and it was not pleasant. In the meantime, I have been studying fiercely for the LSAT, moved to another city, took the LSAT, lost all my baby weight by training to run a 5k, sold all of my furniture, and well kept on living. My main focus was on attempting to actualize a long ago childhood dream that made its way back to me.

So for a brief moment, I told myself I would solely focus on this rekindled dream and set aside my blog and all of the related passion projects. That wasn’t all. I went back and forth. Forth and back. Then, back and forth again toying with what I want to do. The confusion was in the air. For a moment, I thought I’d just focus on building my blog up so tall, I won’t have to work for the man again.

And that goal, while the ultimate, took a little more to achieve than I realized.

After feeling I was chasing my own tail, and realizing that the methods I was using to secure monetization was actually draining the integrity, essence, and sustenance from my work and vision as a blogger. I did not recognize the brand I had been building for so long. It didn’t feel right so, I took another break. I then decided to focus solely on raising my baby and studying for the LSAT.

So there I was, not even visiting my site, but aching for it. And then I knew, for the work I do here, I have an unshakable passion. It it was during this time I learned the 5 signs its a passion.

break it down, B:

My days were full of diaper changes, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, surviving the Corona and the cabin fever side affects, and operation law school moves I had a loaded plate that included an infant and an old dream which is like a pregnancy in itself, but I digress. And yet, the blog kept calling me. I would be chopping vegetables, making a bottle, or anything else, minding my business and blogging topics and related ideas would just pop in my mind. Even during my hiatus, the blog and the things related never left my heart. In fact, God kept blessing me with ideas that I couldn’t let go of. I realized either this blog is my passion, or its become a part of me after all of this time.

I think both.

Nonetheless, I learned how to recognize the signs for when you have a passion. Read 5 signs its your passion below.

5 Signs its Your Passion!

  1. You cannot stop thinking about it. Let me just say, when I was on my hiatus there was nothing I could do to escape thoughts of my blog. Literally nothing. Even the opportunity to change my earning potential could not keep me from thinking about new things to write about. The same applies to you. If you keep coming back to a thing, a subject, and idea over and over again, sis, you have a passion.
  2. You always find a way back to it. Or it finds its way back to you. Either way, in the event you keep wanting to pick up that camera, pencil, running shoes, or whatever it is that you have a deep desire to do, it is your passion. Remember the old saying, if you let something go, and if it comes back then you know it’s meant for you. Yes, yes, sometimes passion sounds like an 90s love song, but it’s true. You can go around the world and back, but if you reconnect with this thing, AGAIN, sis, you have a passion.
  3. You feel less complete without it. During the few months I was not blogging, I felt like something was missing. There was an unexplainable longing happening. I now realize it was because I was not working within my passion. And so, here it goes, yes, you will feel empty and less complete if you are not filling your heart with your passion. On the other side of acknowledging that “missing piece” is your passion.
  4. All of your being will somehow fit with this something. We have all been blessed with gifts, talents, and purpose.(1 Corinthians 12:4-7) Somehow your passion and your gifts will fit together like man and wife, peanut butter and jelly, Mac and Cheese, rice and gravy. Sis, it will just go together and work well together to bring you to your wildest dreams. It won’t be effortless, but the two will work surprisingly hand and hand for the better.
  5. You’ll want to spend time with it making it better. Lastly, one of things I did on the last stretch of my hiatus from blogging was review old posts. I’d get lost in a sea of my old writing critiquing my own work. I wanted to make my blog better. Something ignited within me, and I just wanted to proofread over 100 posts, not eat, or sleep and just spend time in my blogging space. It’s funny, when you have a passion for something, time not only moves fast, but it feel like it does not exist at all. And so, even in that you’ll know. If you can spend hours on this thing without complaint, but with diligence and excitement, you’ve got yourself a passion.

sum it up.

It’s so funny. While I was typing the 5 signs it’s your passion, I felt like I was typing up how to know you’re in love. I giggled. The truth is when you have a passion for something, it does feel a lot like falling in love over and over again. It’s a beautiful thing to know what fills your heart and spirit with energy and excitement.

I may have been away from my blog, but the feeling I have for the work I do in this space, or my goals in this space don’t change. I’m feeling a “Passion” series coming on, but I digress. Nonetheless, when you have a passion, don’t let it go. Identifying your passion is one of the first steps towards creating a full and happy life. Hold on to it, and know with God, it can blossom into something wonderful.

As for me and missing my blog with an unyielding fever, I’m back to stay for good, and I won’t leave here again until Being Classic Britney becomes Being Classic Magazine, or whatever grandeur opportunity God has for me. Check out the new look, services, and workshops. And for those of you who always rocked with your girl, Thank you so much.

journal prompt.

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

pay homage.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.”

Maya Angelou


  1. When you’re passionate about it, it won’t leave you.
  2. Working within your passion helps to create a full and happy life.
  3. God-Given gifts and passion go hand in hand.

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