The Audacity of Action + Our First Ladies Retreat

So we did a thing, and I could not be happier. For years, ya’ll years, I’ve wanted to build a brand as your go-to girl for motivational projects, women’s workshops and events. I’ve had brilliant ideas for years which I thought would transpire through this blog. Not that I have given up, but I did somehow allow fear and doubt to keep me stagnant. That was the case until my Leo of a best friend, bold and enthused, stepped up with the audacity of action. Because of her bravery and “let’s do it” attitude we hosted our first ladies retreat, and I’ve been inspired to share with you all, and challenge you with the audacity of action. If you have a latent idea that you’ve been living to manifest, do that sh**, sis. Do it. The outcome is far greater than the fear. Believe me. In this post, I will share highlights from our retreat as well as 3 reasons to succumb to the audacity of action.

Audacity- adjective | a willingness to take bold risks.

Google Dictionary

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my story.

You know I’ve been living this blogger life for almost 5 years now. Its lit, but I’ve most definitely had my ups and downs. The bulk of the ups and downs came from unyielding fear and doubt. If that’s you, holla if you hear me, uhh.

Seriously, many of us are sitting on great, I mean, great ideas, but what do we do with them? Mostly, we allow life, distractions, and other ungodly illusions keep us from seeing our God given ideas manifest in our reality. I know. I know. Putting energy into ideas and dreams can be a lot when we have families, and bills, and student loan debt, and all that jazz, but come on. I had to learn the audacity of action, and on this day, so will you.

Before our first ladies retreat, I was in a place where I was this close to giving up on my blog. I was feeling extremely stuck. I wasn’t seeing the point. The light at the end of this years long tunnel was becoming dim, but most of all I stopped believing in myself and my dreams. I stopped believing in the seeds God had planted within me because all of the desolate occurrences happening around me suggest, I should quit. But, nah. Not on my best friend’s watch. Not with the audacity of action to back me up.

break it down, B:

What do I mean by the audacity of action? Here’s the thing. Audacity is the willingness to take risks. When I hear the word audacity I picture a sassy black woman saying, “and he had the nerve, girl, the gal to show his face..” She says it with her throat, “the GAL”. You should be hearing this will the slight hint of phlegm rustling. I literary picture passion, attitude and sharpness assess the nerve of someone or something. The boldness and courage of an event or person to execute some action. And that applies here. My best friend, myself, and the other hosts of the retreat, had the nerve, the boldness, the audacity to do something about our dreams that otherwise collected dust.

Can I let you in on a little secret? The difference between you and the people you watch gaining success in their crafts, field, etc, is not that they are better than you. No, never that. It is simply the fact they had the audacity, the nerve, the boldness, to put some consistent action behind their ideas. And guess what happened after that. God endorsed their efforts with success and other divine support we can’t fathom because we haven’t taken the leap.

But you can, and you should.

Three Reasons to Succumb to the Audacity of Action

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to learn. Most of us are afraid to fail. Yes, I said it. I know that’s the case from me. Getting over that monster is a beast in itself as well as another post for another time. Yet, think about it. When we take action the worse we can do is fail. And what would failure look like? We might say the wrong thing? Or put the whatchamacallit in the wrong place. Maybe no one shows up. The beauty of it all is, however, even when we mess up, we can learn from it. You can figure out how to be better, more prepared, etc, the next time, but you’ll never know how to improve unless you begin.
  2. It’s all love after you get out your jitters. Recently, I took the LSAT. I was super duper, dumb nervous. My hands were shaking. Still. My nervousness was driven by the fear of failure. And guess what, I took it. I did not get the score I wanted, but getting that first test out of the way, made me feel empowered. Now, I know what to expect. Now, that I got the jitters out, I can really go hard and win the next time. I said all of that to say, once you try it the first time, you will be less fearful and less doubtful the second time because you will know what to expect.
  3. If you don’t try, you won’t know. This reason is probably the most important. If you don’t take action, you will never know what you are capable of. And that’s period, point, and blank. If you don’t take action, you will never be able to feel the adrenaline pumping, heart racing, bubbly feeling you get right before God uses you. You’ll never see you own power in action. In the event, you never see it, you’ll never believe in it. Take the action sis. Have the audacity of action, so you can truly see how far you can go.

our first ladies retreat.

The name of our business, because yes, it will be a business, is still unknown, but the largest takeaway is that we did it. Again, before the retreat and the support we received from the ladies who attended not only shut down the fear and doubt we may have had before we took the chance, but it also inspired us to keep going with a beast like passion.

We may have walked in with nerves and anxiety through the roof, questioning “Will this work?” “Will they enjoy this?” “Could we build on what we have done here this weekend?” But we walked away knowing the answer to all of our questions as well as an overarching sense of empowerment and belief in the power of possibility.

Wow, sis, tell us about the retreat.

We hosted a three day weekend restorative experience. The goal of the retreat was to create a space where women, moms, wives, partners, black professionals, etc could come together to restore and recollect what we sometimes miss in our busy day to day lives. Women, as you know are constantly pouring themselves into everything and everyone. Our retreat was the solution to that problem. Yes, sometimes we forget to self care, but on this weekend, the activities, the conversation, and the environment did it’s job, and created an ongoing reminder for us ladies to continue to love on ourselves while ensuring us that everything is going to be okay.

So my best friend assembled a team. Me on activities, another powerhouse on decoration and fab bags. Put it all together, and you have a recipe for goodness. We spent the weekend in a lovely luxurious lake house. We participated in activities that pushed us out of our comfort zones, opened our hearts, and required intense reflection.

picture this.

what they said.

When asked what their biggest takeaway from the retreat, our guests responded accordingly.

sum it up.

In the actual reality you can do anything you want. On our worst days the only that keeps us from seeing our dreams become true is the action we put behind them. Not just any action. Bold and fierce action. Have the nerve to believe in your dreams. Have the audacity to be confident and work hard to achieve all of the things you want.

As for me, I wasn’t before, but I am confident now. The retreat as whole, as well as the love, cuddos and support I received facilitating the activities served as the proof boost I needed to continue to move forward. Trust me. I was nervous. I doubted. My tummy bubbled until the last activity. No matter though, I threw caution to the wind, lived my dreamed, ate up some fear, and is currently hungry for more success.

It could be you, sis. It will be you–with the audacity of action.


  1. Get you a best friend that won’t let you forget your dreams.(Proverbs 27:17)
  2. Life gets busy, but you can’t forget to refill your cup.
  3. Go into business with your good friends, its lit.

pay homage.

So seeing our full potential isn’t work we can do alone. We need the other women in our tribe. Friends. Sisters. Mothers. Professors. When women affirm women, it unlocks out power. It gives us permission to shine brighter.

Elaine Welteroth, From More than Enough

journal prompt.

Free-write about your wildest dreams. Then, list action steps that will make it happen.

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Name that person in your life that won’t let you forget to take action.

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