My Birthday Trip to NYC + The Importance of Romantic Getaways after a Baby

I had to do it. I had to just take a trip and get away with my boo. What can I say? It’s been a lot going on a new baby, baby birthday party, surviving a pandemic, et cetera, et cetera. More specifically, last year, I had a baby 6 days before my birthday. Elated, thrilled, and all of those good things, birthday plans for myself were put on hold. Oh, but this year, I was determined to celebrate all of the blessings the season brought by taking a romantic getaway with my Shnuggah Wug. In this post, I will share details about my recent trip to Times Square, NYC as well as 3 reasons why it’s important to take romantic trips with your boo.

Getaway- noun| an escape or quick departure

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my story.

I was wobbly with pain and sleeping with Ibuprofen next to my pillow. Scarred, taped up, and just recently cut open after a C-section. I had just given birth to my Doop Doop. He was so little and handsome. To my surprise on the day of my birthday, he was sporting a onesie that read, “Happy Birthday Mommy, Love Langston.” Compliments of course to my Shnugguah Wuggah. It was indeed a happy day. My son was healthy and I was recovering well. On the contrary, I was engorged and in pain. Needless to say a get cute, turn up, turn up birthday celebration was pretty much postponed.

What was to come in the year, however, was so rewarding. I took a year off of work to be with my little one for maternity leave. My fiancee had gotten a new job, and we would need to move states. So here I am, learning how to be a mom in a new place all while ensuring I aid my man in success in anyway I could. You know– love, support, and all of that good jazz. But I’ll tell you one thing. I remember calling all of my girlfriends that week and letting them know to mark their calendars because we will be re-celebrating this birthday, but corona hit, and that never happened. Once again, its all good because I was still dedicated to celebrating my birthday, and here’s why.

break it down, B:

I worked hard this year. Yes, I said it. Mothering ain’t no joke. Moving twice ain’t no joke. Raising a healthy and happy baby is not easy, and neither is maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Honey, homemaking is work. I don’t care what anybody says. Nonetheless, I was proud. My baby turned one, my relationship was strengthened, I changed as a whole, and I wanted to celebrate all of my accomplishments.

See, I used to think birthdays were a time to reflect and gage the future that is to come. Often times that reflection has side effects such as shoulda coulda wouldas. I didn’t care too much to do that this year, although it did creep in. Instead, I wanted to focus solely on my personal growth, surviving my first year of motherhood, and continuing to add to the pool of black love going strong.

The funny thing is before our trip, I realized this weekend was more than just a chance to live it up the best we could amid a pandemic. It was also an opportunity to spend quality time together. It was an opportunity for us to focus on one another without the hustle and bustle of everyday life staring us in the eye, or the adorable “da da” and “ba ba ba” we love to hear. My birthday trip to NYC became a moment for refreshing our love. That said, below are three reasons why you should plan romantic getaways with your partner.

3 reasons you should plan romantic getaways with your partner

  1. No Distractions, means more love. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. Does that sound about right? The day to day life can get repetitive. And while we are grateful to enjoy this routine with the ones we love, sometimes, the love shared between a couple can get lost in the repetition. The buzz that was once created by active dating subsides after a while, but it doesn’t have to if you plan romantic getaways every now and then.
  2. There’s nothing like rekindling in a new space. Going to a place you’ve never been can be exciting. Imagine all the newness in the air you get to explore together. A new setting brings fresh conversation and deep thoughts that find themselves the perfect home in this space. One thing leads to another, and boom! Your relationship is strengthened.
  3. Dating should never end, not even in a LTR. Have you ever heard the phrase “Date to Marry. Marry to Date” I’m not married, yet. Don’t worry she’s walking down the aisle and saying her vows in front of God and everyone to her best friend come March. Wait on it, but I digress. We often make the mistake of stopping the fun of dating when we enter long term relationships. It’s so natural to develop routines and stick to them. But then, boredom strikes. After entering a long term relationship it is more important to enjoy life together. Romantic getaways are a great way to do so.

our trip to Times Square, NYC

All that said, our trip to Times Square was amazing! Let me tell you all about. For us a perfect trip is all about the Top 3. The stay. The Eats. The Activities. So while we were in New York we dabbled with all three.

Our Stay

We stayed in at the Moxy Hotel in Times Square just around the corner from the digital billboards. The Moxy Hotel has an artsy vibe that welcomes chatter, laughter, an highly engaging conversation, with whom assume are non-conformist. There’s nothing traditional about The Moxy. The special amenities feature a roof top bar, studio rooms, and a lounging area that breeds that social engagement previously described. Although certain amenities were not in function due to the pandemic, the decor and atmosphere spoke in its place.

Our Eats

We got into so unbelievable steak and chicken and waffles. Fun fact, Chicken & Waffles originated in Harlem, NY during the Harlem Renaissance. When our favorite artists, writers, and socialists would party into the late hours, they would retreat to after hours food spots. Not quite ready for breakfast, and still craving dinner Chicken & Waffles, the entree we love, was born.

And let me just say. The Red Rooster did not disappoint. The chicken was mouth watering. The skin, crispy and flavorful while meat housed inside tasted like harmony, peace, and love inspired by Ethiopian flavors. We also had their deviled eggs appetizer. Honey, I don’t even know how you get deviled eggs to taste that good, but they did, and I was beyond pleased.

That night, we went we went to Keen’s Steakhouse. Keen’s Steakhouse is one of the top rated steakhouses in New York, and truthfully they lived up to the title. Also enchanted by history, Keen’s Steakhouse is an al la carte steak restaurant incomparable to the average. That steak, pause for my tastes buds as they remember the time, was something else. I’m typically not the first to order steak because it can be tough to chew and digest depending on the cut.

At Keen’s. however, we had New York strips that proved steak can be both tender and crunchy. Yes, crunchy, girl. We cut into a steak that was not only juicy and flavorful, but it was coated by a crunch of seasoning. By the time I had finished my steak (I ordered potatoes, but you really don’t need anything else), I had retired from cooking steak ever again. Apparently, I had been doing it wrong. I don’t know if they baked it, then broiled it. Girl, then broiled again, or what, I will never know, but the steak was bussin’ with a capitol B.

Our Activities

Our plan was to take engagement pictures in New York. So, our photoshoot was the highlight of our trip. This wasn’t your average photoshoot, however, as we opted to work with a New York Street photographer. Because we made that decision, we were able to get a tour of the city and see things we normally would not have had access. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge, captured photos in Dumbo, and marveled at New York street art. We also had time to visit that roof top bar previously mentioned.

sum it up.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Happy Wife, Happy life”? I think its true, but I’m also soon to be on the winning side of that adage. Nonetheless, I’d like to offer a new one. “Full heart, Full ability.” I don’t know about you all, but when my home is in order, my relationship is in order, and my son is happy and healthy, I feel on top of the world. I feel like I can do anything. More importantly, I can make room for other priorities. I shared that to say, romantic getaways are must for multiple reasons. The first is to strengthen you relationship, and the side effect of that work in love is a full heart. A full heart means, more room an energy to push forward with your ambitions.

Getaway. Your heart will thank you for it.

**Safely. It is a pandemic.


  1. If traveling, wear those masks, stay close to your loved ones and away from large crowds.
  2. Romantic time with your partner strengthens your relationship.
  3. Good food, good activities, and good stays are always a go.

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