7 Things to DO When You Have an Idea inspired by Passion

You’ve got a passion, huh? Congratulations lady! We are happy for you over here because me know how exciting and fulfilling it is to have passion, to understand purpose, and then to turn those two beautiful things into an idea. Nonetheless, if you are reading this posts it’s because you have a bomb idea, and perhaps you feel stuck. Perhaps you are over there thinking,” Well, what do I do now?” It’s all good, sis. We have you covered today. In this post we are going to discuss 7 things to DO when you have an idea fueled by your passion.

Idea- noun| 1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

2. the aim or purpose.

Google Definitions

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my story.

I was blessed with the idea to start a blog many moons ago. This idea turned into a vision for a more brighter future of which I would be able to make a living building a business based on my passions. Needless to say, I’ve never quite given up on this idea no matter where life took me.

I did however have a winding road full of ups and downs, doubt, lack of faith, uncertain, and just sheer overthinking. The list can go on, but the gist is the same. I was blessed with an idea, but in many ways I blew opportunities to grow said idea because I just did not know what to do with it.

Five years later, I have the largest “eff it” attitude known to man as it relates to all of those concerns. Here’s why.

I’ve learned when I am not operating on or nurturing my idea in some capacity I am not happy. I feel like I’m missing something. I feel like I’m sleeping on myself. In essence, I’ve learned, however, that passion alone is not enough to keep an idea alive, nor is it enough to grow an idea into your wildest dreams.

So, if you are like me and you have an idea, vision, or dream like starting a business, launching a non-profit, working on publishing a project, opening a gallery, starting a reoccurring event, getting a promotion at work, starting a new career, etc, I have 7 things you need to go ahead and do before the idea withers away.

break it down, B.

Tis the season to get this money. Tis the season to build a full and happy life. Furthermore, tis the season to add fire to your ideas and watch it blow, pop, and all of the other onomatopoeias that work here. I’m just saying if you are reading this, it is not too late to begin working on that idea you’ve been sleeping on. If you are reading this, you are more than capable to make magic happen. If you are reading this, understand God has blessed you with that idea, so you could in turn be a blessing to others. Sis, don’t be stingy causing us, as in the world, to miss out on the goodness you have to offer. Especially since, God told you to.

Otherwise, I’m going to tell on you, but that’s neither here nor there.

For the record, I talk to God about people. I say things like, “Lord please help my friend stop sleeping on her gifts. She’s so dope. Help her to believe in her self and bless her with with the confidence and opportunities necessary to help her dreams come true.” Amen.

And, it looks like I’m about to be talking about you.

but, I digress.

Perhaps, you just haven’t started because you don’t know what to do, so let me help you out with that.

7 Things to DO when you have an idea fueled by passion

  1. Share you idea with loving critics, if you so choose. Here’s the thing. In my experience telling too many people about an idea can go one of two ways. With the first way, it could help add to your excitement by gaining honest and loving feedback. The second way is that some folks will project their fears on to you causing a great deal of anxiety that puts a halt to your mojo. It’s up to if you want to share, but be mindful. You don’t want to run out of gas before you get the car out of the garage.
  2. Research implementation steps. First things first, find out how to make your idea a reality. Research the requirements, the venues, the cost, the standards, the et cetera et cetera necessary to make your magic happen. There won’t be follow through where there is no understanding.
  3. Execute with strategic steps. This step is just a friendly reminder that, there’s is nothing to it, but to do. We’re waiting on the opportunity to support and cheer on your success.
  4. Find you “why”. Once again, its not enough to have a passion, so ask yourself “why?” Why is this idea and the birth there of important to you. The thing is passion runs out. When doubt and perhaps procrastination creep in, passion may or may not be enough to help you form good habits and motivation to keep you going. That said, if you have your why, or the reason you are agreeing to commit to this idea, perhaps when implementation becomes difficult the “why” will tap you on the shoulder and encourage you to keep going.
  5. Have faith in the idea. There’s a reason the idea you have to start a business, write a book, work towards a promotion, start an event, and the list could go on, has been planted in your heart. Although we may not see our ideas clearly or understand what is required of us, faith will ensure we believe and have the strength to see it through.
  6. Trust the process. If you are any thing like me, a million and one questions come to your mind. Often those questions are followed by concerns. That’s perfectly fine. But let me be the first to tell you, this process is not going to be easy. No ma’am. There will be moments you just don’t know how to handle, but the good thing is, like all things, this idea will work itself out. Your job is to trust the process in the mean time. The flow of the process will carry you to the shore of success, if you trust it.
  7. Pray about it fiercely. Some would argue this step should have been the first step. My retort is that praying fiercely is step zero, step one, step 1.3, step 6.5, and steps 1-25 even when there are only ten steps. Praying fiercely is the the always step. I said all of that to say, when you are given an idea, it is good practice to gain clarity from God.(Psalm 119:105) It is good practice to have divine support each step of the process. The best way to ensure these things, and other spiritual necessities, I did not mention, is to pray. God will show you the way to make your idea blossom.

sum it up.

Without a shadow of doubt your idea can happen in this reality. If it were not possible to achieve it, you would not have dreamed it. It’s that simple. Sure, over analyzing and overthinking can be a major deterrent. I get it, sis. I do. I’ve been there and printed the t-shirt myself. But none of that overthinking holds a candle to the gold that could be your idea manifested. When you do have an idea, instead of thinking yourself away from it, try praying fiercely, trusting the process, researching, unpacking a “why”, getting feedback from trusted loved ones, and most importantly executing.

You’ve got this. We are cheering you on every step of the way.


  1. Some people will extinguish your fire, some will add to it.
  2. On this day, everyday, and for all things, we pray.
  3. Trusting the process is the light and the way.

pay homage.

As you continue crafting the life you want, I hope you are reminded that it is the very things you underestimate about yourself that will help you create your own magic.

Elaine Welteroth, From More than Enough

journal prompt.

Write out prayer to God about your idea.

comment below.

Tell us how you’ve overcome idea overwhelm. What helped you get started?

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