14 Refreshing Self-Care Ideas to get through Stressful Times

Oh the weather outside is frightful, the parking lots are packed, groceries are more expensive, and your obligations are staring you in the face with an aggressive glare. It’s just all around cold as a mutha shut your mouth out here, and the day to day does not slow down. When you wake up it’s Monday, but by the time you lay down to rest it’s Saturday afternoon. Time is moving fast, and so is your mind and body. But, sis have you checked in? This is me checking in. In this post, I will share 14 refreshing self-care ideas to help you get through the traditionally busiest time of the year.

Self-Care- noun|the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Google Definitions

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my story.

I could not sleep twice this week. Ask my friends. For two nights in the past week I could not sleep. I literally tossed and turned, until I got hungry. Made a sandwich at 4 in the morning. Then, I turned on Sister Sister, Netflix, hoping a little harmless TV would help me relax. That didn’t work. Next thing I know, the sun was up and I had just two hours before I had to start work. The next time was the same. Until finally, my body was like, “Okay, Sis, I recognize you’re not tired, so we are going to have to force a shut down.” And finally I was able to fall asleep. It was ridiculous.

I had to seriously ask myself, “Well, why wasn’t I sleeping?” The answer was simple. I’m in the middle of planning a wedding, applying for law school, virtual teaching, maintaining a household, its holiday season and my family is coming up, and my blog ambitions don’t stop. I have a loaded plate, and I’m still cramming yams between my mac and cheese and collard greens. More importantly, I’m not taking the time to care for myself. I’ll admit it. I haven’t worked out since I sprain my ankle. I don’t know the last time I watered my plants, and sometimes taking hot baths just don’t work. Where were these 14 refreshing self-care ideas when I needed them?

So my wheels got to turning, and I started to think about you. I can’t be the only who’s on the other side of calm. Not during this season. And not while its so freaking cold outside.

break it down, B:

When we don’t take care of ourselves its a travesty amongst men. That may have sounded dramatic, but ladies you know, we run the world. We keep our clients happy, we keep our families nurtured and loved, we keep our passions fueled and ready. It’s a lot that we juggle. After a while, without the right breaks, those balls will tumble right on down. Sadly, when we drop the ball, it’s more at stake then a championship. Our comfort and the comfort of our loved ones is also effected. Don’t get me wrong you should not let those concerns keep you from resting or taking care of yourself. I’m simply suggesting you add a side of consist self-care on your plate, so you can successfully handle the other side dishes. My analogies are running together, but the balls staying in the air do depend on you being okay.

That said, below I have 14 Self-Care Ideas I recently just learned that may help you too.

14 Refreshing Self-Care Ideas to get you Through Stressful Times

  1. Try a new hobby– There’s nothing like starting a new adventure to take your mind off things, or to actually help you relax and smell the joys of life. Consider taking up a crafting hobby, or DIY’ing hobby. Consider a hobby that has a community. Maybe, consider a hobby you might have been interested in before, but wasn’t able to get to. The hobby could be learning how to salsa, collecting uno cards, candle making, surfing, Idk, but the list is endless.
  2. Take one small action step on something you’ve been avoiding– I don’t know about you, but I really do need to clean out my son’s closet. It’s been bothering me. Ugh. Yes, this is a chore, but when I finally complete something I’ve been avoiding, I feel so good an accomplished. Maybe it’s not your baby’s closet, but no matter what it is you will feel relief and peace when you have finally crossed it off of your list.
  3. Do something creative– Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, Michaels, et cetera have worlds of creative opportunities, just sitting on the shelves. In truth, had I known it was that easy to go an buy some easels and canvases, I wouldn’t have spend an arm and a leg going to paint and sips, but that’s just the cheap in me. The point I’m making is doing something creative is relaxing and accessible.
  4. Organize a junk space– Perhaps, I should have used another example earlier, but the facts remains organizing a clutter space in your home in facts declutters your mind. Also, the sense of relief you will feel when you are done is incomparable.
  5. Go for a photo walk– Scroll through your own photos honey. I do this from time to time, and I must say seeing my family’s smiling faces and my fire selfies definitely make me feel joy and gratefulness. A photo walk is in essence a scroll through your year, or the last few seasons. When you see how much you’ve experienced and accomplished you will be proud.
  6. Connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time– I know there’s a homegirl, cousin, or family member you have not talked to in a while. Call them. I’m 100 percent sure they would love to hear from you. The exchange of excitement and valuable conversation will surely brighten your day and bring you joy.
  7. Challenge yourself to face a fear– Perhaps you are afraid to speak in front of people. Go to a safe open mic and talk to the people. Here’s the thing, conquering a fear has so many benefits. 1. You will feel empowered because you did something you thought you couldn’t. 2. The adrenaline and excitement from the process is alone a benefit. 3. You can say you did it. 4. You will find a new piece of peace.
  8. Send a care package to someone randomly– Oh, the joys giving back is always rewarding. To that end volunteering and/or mentoring is also a nice thing to do. Seriously, giving back will also make you feel grateful, accomplished, and peaceful. Don’t sleep on it. Anything that induces joy, peace, and gratefulness is self-care.
  9. Dance to your favorite song– There’s nothing like moving your body. The science behind exercising as a mood boost is a given, but dancing to your favorite song is something extra. It’s like praise and worship, but for love of the body and life God has given you. (Jeremiah 31:13) Dancing is good for the body and the spirit. You’ll finish your round feeling grateful and full of gladness.
  10. Take social media breaks– I know for me and myself, when I take some time away from social media, it’s almost as if I breathe a little better. I feel lighter, and I have more time to focus on myself and what’s in front of me. Breaks from social media produces new positive outlooks and peace.
  11. Go for a drive– A drive, or a walk. The choice is yours, but this activity will give you a chance to breath fresh air, clear your mind, and see new sights. I suggest just driving. Don’t set your GPS. Get lost for a moment, turn on your music, and enjoy the ride.
  12. Make a Candle– We did this at the retreat, and it was so relaxing. We created candles and set intentions for those candles. After the reflecting, wax melting, and pouring, we all definitely felt lighter and ready to take the world on.
  13. Journal– Now you know you were not going to make it out of this writing & faith based blog without me sliding that in there. Yes, ma’am, journal all of the concerns of your mind. And if you are not sure where to begin with journalling, start with this post here.
  14. Read Being Classic Britney Blog 🙂–Well, I mean. Where is the lie? lol

sum it up.

Sometimes you have to take a step back, to get set, to go. And that’s okay. Self-care time will help you do that. Our minds get to racing and our to-do list come with no end in sight, but we still have to make sure there is fuel in our tanks, so we can keep growing, keep nurturing, and keep grinding. Some of the 14 self-care ideas I just mentioned may seem like another “to do”, but the feeling that is created when completed will help you understand that’s not true. I hope these 14 refreshing self- care ideas help you rejuvenate because each of these activities were selected to make your heart smile.

I hope it works for you, sis. You deserve.


  1. Self-care is taking care of business.
  2. Dancing is spiritual.
  3. A new adventure can produce many benefits.

quotes to carry.

I erupted into the kind of sobs someone cries when they’ve lost someone they love. And I had. Myself. I’d lost her in the day-to-day grind. In the process of becoming the woman I always wanted to be, I forgot that it involved becoming a whole person, not just the success story I had been trying to write my whole life.

Elaine Welteroth, From More than Enough

journal prompt.

Make a list of your favorite self care ideas. Do them. Then come back in write about the outcome.

comment below.

Which self-care idea is your favorite?

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