These 4 Things Will Happen When you Take a Step Toward your Vision

If you are like me, you are already plotting to take 2021 for everything it could possibly have. You are already mapping out goals, reflecting on this past year, and gearing up to get everything you’ve been working for. Sis, I feel you one hundred percent. Perhaps, however, you are still a hint nervous or anxious about your plans and/or the execution required to make these things happen. Perhaps you feel a strain of uncertainty to the things that are to come. If that’s you–if you are sitting there reading this post, like “Yes. Yes. All of that sis,” keep reading. In this post, I am going to share with you the 4 things that will happen when you do take a courageous step.

Step-noun | an act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running.

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my story.

I’m not going to tell a tale. Sometimes, I lack directions. Sometimes, I find myself running a mile a minute just to find that I am not all that sure about where I going. Worse yet, sometimes I question if I am on the right path. I can’t make sense of it, but in my heart I’ll know what I want to do and how I see my ideas and my life going. Then, I start to feel like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life, and I begin to feel lost, lack of clarity, and direction.

Can you relate?

It’s a very irritating feeling. With all of the eagerness bottle up in to design my dream life, make my family proud, build a legacy for myself, and even make God proud, when the bouts of uncertainty come it feel counterproductive to my whole empire building agenda. It feels like this foggy dreary day currently sitting outside of our home, but nah not today. This feeling is not welcomed in my heart or spirit. Nope.

Here’s the the thing. Sometimes we do feel cloudy, and uncertainty will creep in. Sometimes we do doubt and question what path to take or what steps to take. Those things begin to look like confusion. It’ll look like not taking the first step because all of the things I just mentioned and those I have not named stopped you in your tracks before you even took the first step.The good news is; God is not a God of confusion. And the truth, the direction you need, is already in you.

break it down, B

First of all, God is not a God of confusion. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. In fact, you can bet money, if you are feeling confused, or lost, or a lack of clarity, or uncertain, the enemy is trying to stifle you because he know’s the greatness that God has planted in you. He know’s if you were not stifled in some way, you would add beauty and love to your family, community, and world with a fierceness, and he can’t have that. Luckily this post is not about him.

It’s about you. It’s about us, and the seeds of pleasant ideas we are to nurture, as well as the desired outcomes we want to work on and to turn into blessings abound for ourselves and those around us. The good news is once you clear that fog and ignore that confusion, you’ll soon realize you know exactly what’s right, what you need, and which steps to take to get there. Better yet, God will guide you the rest of the way.

Ultimately, my message here today is to take the first step! These 4 things will happen when you do.

4 Things Will Happen When you Take a Step toward your Goals or Vision

  1. The first step will lead you to your next. When you finally conjure the audacity to take a step towards your thing–your desire- you will notice the first step will lead to your second. Imagine that. You have two feet, and that second foot must go somewhere when the first foot makes a move. Ultimately, once you take the first step, things will happen in such a way that you will know innately what to do next. Take for example, you decide to start, I don’t know, a blog. Once you start the account, the other nuances required to make your idea work will naturally flesh themselves out. Perhaps it won’t happen as quickly as you would like, but with patience and faith, you’ll see the next step will come to you effortlessly.
  2. You will attract opportunities. You may be sitting over here thinking that no one is paying attention. Maybe you fear, no one will show up. The truth is, it is the exact opposite. Opportunities for you to work within your God-given idea or purpose, will show themselves. For example, I’ve been asking God for direction to help build my efforts to become a creative writer. I prayed and prayed and prayed, started writing, and searching for opportunities, then boom! I learn about a wonderful opportunity to take a course guided by a New York Times Best selling author. Coincidence? Heck nah. Opportunities started knocking because I came stomping.
  3. Latent abilities will show up and show out. Whole time, the concerns you had about not being able to do what it is you have set out to do is a sham. It’s not real. What, in facts happens, when you take the first step is all of the talents and gifts you have that are designed for this particular moment will come out of their hiding places and show how great you truly are.
  4. When you move, God moves. Just like that. Finally, finally, FINALLY, when you take the first step–when you move, God moves.(Romans 8:28) That’s really that on that. Seriously, once you’ve asked for clarity and direction. Once you take a step in the direction you know in your heart you should go, God shows up and begins to move on your behalf. Your steps are ordered. Opportunities come, and seeds you may have been previously planted start to bud with a bit of that God light. And Boom! Things start happening because the ideas he has blessed you with are according to your purpose, and he will always shows up and show out for that alignment.

sum it up.

One thing I’ve learned in the last few weeks is that when A. I pray for clarity God answers. He does not just answers. He B. takes it a step further by providing opportunities for me to do what he said. Not only does he provide opportunities for me to do what he said, he C. also affirms the gifts and abilities he has blessed us with. God is just like that, so when we put in the work, or that step, he follows up with divine intervention we can’t even imagine when our ideas are aligned with his purpose or purpose(s) for our lives. Uncertainty, confusion, or other, when we moves, he moves. Then, the herstory begins. It is my hope that you take a step and see these 4 things happen.

Get ready, set. Slay all 2021


  1. When you move, God moves. Just like that.
  2. Take the step. You’ll learn the way.
  3. Faith plus work equals desired outcomes.

quotes to carry.

For the first time in my life, my prayers had been answered in a tangible, undeniable way. There was no longer a doubt in my mind that this was God’s plan for me. And I was good placing my bets on that.

Elaine Welteroth, from More than Enough

journal prompt.

Write out a prayer that specifies the clarity you need.

comment below.

What are you excited about for the new year?

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