5 Reasons to Define Success for Yourself

When I reflect back, I realized my life has changed so much over the past few years. Yet, my craving for success has not subsided, but I noticed as my life has changed, so has my definition for success. This thought led me to pondering about the importance of defining success for yourself instead of what the world suggests. If you’re like me, you can sometimes find your personal definition of success being encouraged by outside influences. Maybe it’s the media. Maybe its social media. Perhaps it’s what society says you “should” be doing or should have at your age. Nonetheless, today we say, no to those outside influences, and yes to defining success for yourself. On this blog post, I will share 5 reasons to define success for yourself as well as 4 ways to get started!

success- 1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. 2. the good or bad outcome of an undertaking

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my story.

Not so long ago I found myself getting caught up. When I say caught, I mean I was feeling a sense of panic onset by the idea that I could be doing or, or perhaps I should have redirected some of my efforts in the past. I’ll be frank, if there was a president for the “anxiety onset by social media” club, I’d be nominated to run a campaign, and here’s why. I have a tendency, sometimes no matter how hard I try to avoid it, of seeing others on social media and falling for the ultimate set up. I see other’s living their best lives, buying homes, buying designer pieces, swimming in the Mexican waters, and more.

When I scroll, one of two things happen. First, I begin to feel discouraged because I see people achieving things I momentarily cannot, or feel I will not. Second, some of those achievement trigger a societal clock. This clock is much like a “biological clock” accept it has nothing to do with children and everything to do with what society says one should have at a certain age.

I begin to get anxious about not having and not achieving. Anxiety turns into panic. Panic turns into sadness. Sadness turns into depression. I’m being super vulnerable here, so please, if you feel where I am coming from, comment below. Don’t leave me out to dry, sis, but I digress.

The ironic factor in this equation is, however, that a daughter of God, or woman of faith should not feel anxious about anything because of the God she serves. Because of her faith, she should know all things come in their divine seasons, and God covers me, I mean her, at all times. Therefore, there is no reason to be anxious.

A woman of faith knows this. You know this. I know this. But let’s admit together, sometimes those wordly focuses seep in. No matter. Because when they do, we will remember why and how to define success for ourselves.

break it down, B:

Defining success for yourself is the act of taking your life into your own hands. It is the process of taking your values, your position, your goals, your God, you needs, your understanding, your purpose, your resources, your calling, and your peace into consideration to create achievable goals and outcomes. In order to do this it is important to have sure understanding of who you are and what you seek to accomplish in your life void of outside influences.

God blessed with this marvelous life to live. Each day we get breath to invest into our purpose, our life’s work, our calling, and our happiness. On the contrary, when we get caught up desiring things of the world, or material possessions that we see others have, we lose our focus. We end up chasing our own tails, and not accomplishing anything. Especially the tasks God called us to do. In fact, we miss the call for our calling because we were too busy on the phone looking at what everyone else is doing.

I’m writing these words for you to read, but ultimately, I’m reminding myself. The life you have is a blessing, and it is best you live it on your terms. It is best you work for your desires according to what you have and where you want to go. For instance, your calling may not be to own a home, have children, or owning a business at this very moment. Those things may not be for you right now because God called you to work on building wealth for your family. This means you have to buckle down, name each dollar you earn according to another plan. And that’s okay. Your path is your own. Which means your path to success as well as the outcomes are unique to you. The good new is, your success and your outcomes, are no less divine than that kitten’s down the road.

Let’s take a deeper look at 5 reasons to define success for yourself.

5 Reasons to Define Success for Yourself.

  1. Your path is intentionally unique. Let me be the one to remind you that your path was forged by the God you serve. When you were cooking in your mother’s womb, God was also seasoning you with a special assignment. A special calling. A special path. One that has been designed for you. The outcomes of this path are beyond even your own comprehension.(Isaiah 55:8-9) This particular path may not have been do invent the wheel, but perhaps it is to put an end to a generational curse in your family. Perhaps it was to contribute greatly to your field. I could even be to inspire one person you may not notice each day. Either way, your path was intentionally designed to be unique and to contribute to the kingdom of God. Therefore, if for some reason you are not walking that path, you are forfeiting an opportunity to serve.
  2. Cut down on the distractions. Defining success for yourself helps to cut down on the distractions that keep you from fulfilling the special path we discussed previously. If you are distracted by society, you cannot meet your own dreams. If you remain focused on your own definition of success and goals, you’ll operate in your own world, one in which nothing can lead you astray.
  3. Peace is personal. Defining success for yourself yields peace, and like success, you have to decide what your peace looks like. That decision is personal. For instance, you get to decide what to add to your life. You get to decide what helps to cultivate peace. It is your personal obligation, one rooted in self- love, to add peace or subtract things that don’t contribute to your peace. For example, if it brings you peace to save a certain amount of money instead of going on a vacation, set the goal. Enjoy the peace. Ultimately, defining success for yourself is directly related to establishing personal peace.
  4. Your story is special. It would be an outright shame for us, and my us I mean me and the community of readers, to miss out on being inspired by your unique journey. When we allow outside influence to define success, and thereby the path we follow, we miss out on the opportunity to write our own stories, or make our own way in the world. When we miss out on forging our paths, our story, we forfeit the chance to make herstory,–history–an inspirational tale that would inspire your sister friends. Your walk inspires, sis. One way or another, you have to keep grinding the way you were designed to show us the way.
  5. As you evolve, your definition of success should as well. Let me explain this further.

Evolving as a woman & Success

As changes occur in your life, so must your goals. This one is probably the biggest reason of them all. A wise woman once said, the only thing that is constant in life is change. That is very true. Think about the seasons, the flowers, the trees, our bodies. The list can go on forever and ever. As we grow and evolve, so should our priorities. Let this idea marinate for a moment.

Evolution and growth should be our main goals. After all, you came to this blog because you were attracted to the idea of growing into the woman you want to be. Growing and changing are two sides of the same coin. As you grow, refine and become better, your senses change. Your perceptions change. Beliefs about life and your values also change. The things that are important to you change. As a direct result, your definition of success should change as well.

For example, there was a time when my only focus in life was to achieve success. I wanted my dreams and only my dreams to carry me. While I still work to establish my desired lifestyle using my gifts, my dreams are no longer the only thing I have to live for. Now, my cherry and whip cream on top, or perhaps the ice cream that make the sundae, are my husband and son. Gone are the days material things lead me. No, now my husband and my son are my priority. Being a good wife and mother have been added to my definition of success. For example, I will reach success if I build a happy long lasting marriage, build wealth with my spouse, raise a healthy, happy, Godly son, publish a novel, and impact people with my words.

Years ago, my thoughts would not have been the same, and that’s okay. Maybe, it’s age. Perhaps, its wisdom. Either way, change is good, and so is the shift in focus that comes with the package.

After all, if we aren’t growing and evolving are we even near success? Does it not take evolving to reach the peaks we seek?

That being said, let’s look at 4 ways to define success for yourself.

4 Ways to Define Success for Yourself

  1. Consider your Values. At the end and the beginning of the day, your values are what guide you. If you value family, your definition of success will derive from your family. If you value acquiring the bag, your definition of success will derive from earning money. Suppose you value experiences, your definition of success will be born from adventure. Maybe, you value all three. Sis, get all three.
  2. Review your Faith. Here we are again, at faith. What does your faith suggest about success? A sure way to define success is to review your spiritual beliefs. Furthermore, you may find it helpful to review your purpose and divine assignment. I’ve been reading Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels and, wow! I’ve never felt closer to my purpose. I definitely recommend you read it. Continuing on, doing a spiritual success check will always do the trick.
  3. Cleanse your space of outside Influences. Try your best, best to avoid those influences that don’t bring you peace. If the scrolling, and the music, and the society makes you feel anxious, cleanse your space of the influences that do not contribute to your peace or your focus. Social media breaks are good, and so is meditating and fasting.
  4. Do what makes you happy. Remember our goal here is growth and peace. As we work to achieve our personal definitions of success, we aim to cultivate growth and peace on the way. The easiest way to do such is to act on what makes you happy. Set your goals, your definition of success, based on that which makes you happy.

sum it up.

My story might have begun with panic onset by anxiety onset by peaking through windows, but it ended it peace. Peace due to the fact I realize, “my life is my own, my own, I own it”. So, if success is what I crave I have the autonomy to decide what that looks like. If I feel off course, I have the power to get myself back on track. If I feel my God give purpose is slipping away, I have the power to pray, fast, or do whatever is necessary to gain spiritual clarity. Lastly, I have the power to change the channel, turn off the music, or put down the phone, so I can hear the voice of God. So, I can hear my intuition humming tunes of unique prosperity. Guess what, sis. So do you with these 4 ways to define success for yourself.

Lastly, sometimes, even with strong faiths, we tend to slip into the comparison game. It’s so easy to do when the voices of outside influence seem to blast louder than our own inner voice. I get it. I fight the battle often. Yet, I would be a horrible faith blogger, if I did not remind you of your own spiritual armor. The comparison game, is also a distraction to keep you from gleaming, glowing, and aligning with your purpose. When that distraction pops up like weed in your garden, remember God is the orchestrator of your path and the author or your success. In his time, all will be realized. In your time, success your way will be achieved.


  1. Even the strongest believer can get caught up in the comparison game, and that’s okay.
  2. Success your way will unfold in your season.
  3. Defining success requires evaluating your values and peace.

quotes to carry.

“There are hidden patterns embedded in your experience containing God’s direction and ultimate intention for your life.”

― From Believing Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels

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journal prompt.

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