GLEAM Retreat Co.

To GLEAM is to shine brightly with emphasis on reflected light.

about Gleam Retreat Co.

In essence, women have a natural inner glow. We have an innate tendency to turn that light into power. We use our light to nurture our professional work, partners, and children. But what happens when the light dims? What happens when we have exhausted our shimmer? Our retreat is the answer to that question.

In 2020, four friends noticed a need, and our women’s retreat was the remedy. At the time, the women in our lives were new moms, newlywed, professionally frustrated, and all-around burned out. But God, and our first retreat.

To help our friends replenish, we hosted a three-day weekend restorative experience. Our goal was to create a space where women, moms, wives, partners, and black professionals could come together to restore what we often lose in our daily lives. The weekend, the activities, the conversation, and the environment created a full flame that ignited a commitment to self-love and self-nurturing. We’ve been retreating ever since.

gleam will provide the vibes!

Join us for a 3-day retreat! You will spend the weekend at a luxurious lake house, participate in activities that gently push you out of your comfort zones, open your heart, and reflect on your inner glow. You will leave feeling more fulfilled, more at peace, and with connections that will last a lifetime.

In addition to a great time, welcoming community, and laughs, Gleam Retreat will provide cocktails, conversation, and ascetically pleasing curated spaces for top-tier instagrammable photos!

what you’ll get with Gleam.

  1. Luxurious Accommodations
  2. Chef prepared meals
  3. Sunrise Excursion
  4. Enriching Activities
  5. Reflective Workshop
  6. Professional Photoshoot
  7. Manifestation Exercises

what they said.

picture this.

Gather Luxurious Enrichment and Motivation with Us!

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