Hey, I’m Britney!

I am a wife, mother, writer, and law student shining and refining as I journey though life. On this faith, lifestyle, and personal growth blog, I share my lessons, obsessions, inspirations, and creative truths. My hope is that you become inspired by life as I have seen it.

I am passionate about sharing stories, personal experiences, and tips to encourage busy and ambitious women to enjoy being a masterpiece and work-in-progress. In addition, I host and facilitate women’s events, writing workshops, and other programs that inspire women to be their best ever-evolving selves at home and within their professions.

My Story.

My story begins when I first picked up a composition notebook.

I learned my pen is a refuge, writing is therapy, and journalling is the clarity I needed to design a whole and happy life. Starting a blog to share my collection of thoughts and creations was the natural next step. I’ve been growing this blog ever since.

Throughout life, I was connected to opportunities that helped grow my writing and facilitating abilities. I was trained to teach and became exceptionally good at it, earning a Teacher of the Year Nomination in my third year. I was given multiple opportunities to lead, speak, and facilitate learning for adults. I was even blessed to facilitate spaces where women could come together and encourage each other to be the best we could be in the world, such as Women’s Circle Open MicTM and Juice and JournalsTM.

During the pursuit of a master’s degree in English and African American literature, I fell in love with the spiritual power of women’s stories, so I researched and wrote about the connection between Black women’s writing and spirituality. I found a lot of evidence from scholarly articles that affirmed the intuitive power of women’s writing.

As you read this bio, I’m in the thick of law school still writing my life’s story with hopes to help you write yours.

Starting Being Classic Britney.

In 2016, I decided to share my experiences and the life lessons online. My goal for Being Classic Britney, formally beingclassic, was to share my passion for growth and self-improvement on the road to dream-making in hopes of inspiring and helping other women build their best lives.

Since starting Being Classic Britney 5 years ago, I’ve shown readers how to lean on faith, exchange less than habits for more productive habits, balance relationships and ambition, and more. Soon, I seek to collaborate with some fantastic brands, introduce my readers to new products, facilitate events and workshops, and produce original products that will support my readers on their journey to self-growth, vision building, and wellness.

I believe you can become the woman of your dreams and live a happy, prosperous, and full life, and I want anyone who visits Being Classic Britney to feel inspired to do the same.

Want to Collaborate?

I hope you enjoy everything this blog has to offer. If you are a brand looking to collaborate, my media kit and rate sheet is available upon request. Please contact me at hello@beingclassicbritney.com.