Hey, I’m Britney!

I am a writer and law student who is passionate about sharing stories, personal experiences, and tips to encourage busy and ambitious women to live joyous, balanced, and full lives. I host and facilitate women’s events, writing workshops, and other programs that inspire women to be their best selves at home and within their professions.

Being Classic Britney was started about 5 years ago as an outlet to share my experiences and the lessons I learned. Since, the blog has matured and developed a concrete message–you can and you deserve to live a full and happy life. The content aims are–edify, inspire, and encourage ambitious women and moms alike to build their dream lives with faith, joy, and wellness at the forefront.

My Story.

My story begins when I first picked up a notebook.

I learned my pen was refuge, writing was therapy, and journalling was the clarity I needed to design a full and happy life. The seed to write and operate a blogging business designed to motivate and encourage by sharing my observations and reflections was planted. I’ve been growing that seed ever since.

Later I began my journey to become an English teacher. Why English, you ask?  I gathered English courses were the only place students could explore their voices, passions, and ideas through writing, so I wanted to create a space where my theory could be actualized. Then, life happened.

God has a way of helping us find our way to our destiny. Such is true for me. I went to college. From there, I totally abandoned the blogging seed I was blessed with, got distracted, and seemingly off course.

Even during the “off season”, my passion for writing was deepened, for I was connected to opportunities that helped challenged my writing. I was trained to teach and became exceptionally good at it, earning a Teacher of the Year Nomination in my third year. I was giving multiple opportunities to lead, speak, and facilitate learning for adults. I was even blessed to facilitate spaces where women could come together and encourage each other to be the best we could be in the world.

Then during the pursuit of a master’s degree in English and African American literature, I fell in love with the spiritual power of women’s stories. While pursuing my master’s degree, I researched and wrote about the connection between Black women’s writing and spirituality, and unearth evidence from scholarly articles that affirmed the intuitive nature of women’s writing.

Ultimately, I am still writing my life’s story, and hope to help you write yours.

Starting Being Classic Britney.

In 2016, I decided to share my experiences and the lessons I learned online. My goal for Being Classic Britney, formally beingclassic, was to share my passion for growth and self-improvement on the road to dream making in hopes of inspiring and helping other women build their best lives.

Since starting Being Classic Britney 5 years ago, I’ve been able to show my readers how to lean on faith, exchange less than habits for more productive habits, balance relationships and ambition, and more. In the near future, I am seeking to collaborate with some amazing brands and introduce my readers to new products, facilitate events and workshops, and produce original products that will support my readers on their journey to self- growth, vision building, and wellness.

I believe you can build the life you want with faith, and I want anyone who visits Being Classic Britney to feel inspired to do the same.

Want to Collaborate?

I hope you enjoy everything this blog has to offer. If you are a brand looking to collaborate, my media kit and rate sheet is available upon request. Please contact me at hello@beingclassicbritney.com.